If I were a pro _____

In preparation of labor (yes I’m preparing myself mentally and physically already), I had a random thought/question. If I were a professional…hmmm…anything really, and I had a crowd of people shouting for me, waiting for me to perform, what would I want to hear? What would pump me up?

I closed my eyes. I lightly and slowly (as if in slow motion) stretched my neck, my arms, and cracked my knuckles as if I were getting ready to go into a UFC match. I pretended to listen to my crowd. What did I hear?

I heard various chants.


The people chanting for me resulted to be family. There was my better half fist pumping in the front row while ruggedly singing, “NUGGET! NUGGET! NUGGET!” There was Little Nugget backstage excitedly jumping up and down shouting, “MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!” And there was my little brother in the nose bleeds cupping his hands around his mouth to intensify his voice while he barked, “JAZZY! JAZZY! JAZZY!”

As I listened to these loud cheers in my head, I found my body slowly swaying side to side and my head bobbing up and down to the rhythm of these beautiful nicknames. It was clear to me that I already have my crowd. I have my support team. My family and friends who cheer me on on a daily basis already have my back. Come my time to deliver this heavenly Zion of ours, I will be lifted in thought, prayer, and excitement. I have nothing to worry about. My visualization techniques are growing strong. My mind and body are strong.

To the experienced mommas (or newbie mommas), what have you/did you use to get you through the discomforts of labor?


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