Allergy and parenthood

I’ve been hanging out in the same pajama bottoms for the last day. Ok, actually , it hasn’t been hanging out it’s been more like roaming our apartment with an intermission spent at the emergency room at our nearest hospital and the pharmacy at the local CVS. Don’t let the words “emergency room” worry you because thank God it was nothing serious, but as they say, “Better to be safe than sorry.”

See, yesterday I decided to take Little Nugget on an evening stroll to one of our favorite nature spots, Orcutt Ranch. We’ve ran around, had fun, taken pictures, and spent hours here at least half a dozen times already and we’ve never had an issue. This time though, we had barely been there about an hour when Little Nugget asked to go home. As I buckled him into his car seat, I noticed a few bumps on his ankle. When we got home, he asked to be showered alone (we usually shower together for convenience). Showering him, I noticed additional bumps on his tummy, thigh, and arm, but they didn’t seem to bother him. It took about an hour and a half for the bumps to spread a little bit more, and at this point he was itching all over. Josh was on a bike ride somewhere in the mountains, so the next person I thought to call was my mom who lives ten minutes away. Thinking it might be chicken pox (my unexperienced parenting kicking in), I drove Little Nugget to my mom’s for support. It was not chicken pox. He was having an allergic reaction to something he came in contact with at Orcutt Ranch, either a bug bite or plant he touched.

Sparing you the boring details after determining he was having an allergic reaction and fast forwarding to midnight, Josh and I decided it was time to take him to the ER when what looked to be hives started spreading and causing him major discomfort. We’ve been extremely blessed with an extremely healthy Little Nugget. Can you tell it was our first rodeo? His visits to the doctor have been routine and short. Anyways, the diagnosis was determined to be a simple allergic reaction that could be contained with some Benadryl. Little Nugget had never had any medication until this point, so when the Benadryl kicked in, he was out like a rock, snoring, drooling, and unmoved.

Fast forward again to Saturday evening as I write this post; I am tired, in need of a shower and a nice big chunky piece of quality cheesecake, have cabin fever, and cannot wait to have this allergen out of Little Nugget’s system!

Now that I got my whining out of the way, I am grateful for the following: that Little Nugget’s allergic reaction was not anaphylactic, that Josh and I have each other to experience this together, that I have family checking in on us regularly, that we live right down the street from a hospital in case of an emergency, that Little Nugget is in good spirits, that this all could have been worse. There is so much to be thankful for, I just have to take time to breath and look at the bigger picture.

We aren’t taught to parent, nor do we ever really know how to “properly” do it. I think we just learn how to go with the ebbs and flows of the tides as the tides crash against the rocks. Parenting is very much a “in-the-moment” situation where we learn to adapt, evolve, or in extreme cases, perish (in whatever of the many forms this exists in). I don’t know if it would be appropriate to say that I’ve been learning as I go. I think the more fitting word would be experiencing parenting as I go. And this is all part of my story…

Cheers to parenthood!



6 thoughts on “Allergy and parenthood

    1. Thank you Laura! I’m grateful it wasn’t. Parenthood is just as you mentioned, and the craziest part to me is…once you become a parent, you NEVER stop being a parent. 😯 The worry never ends. You just have to learn to manage it. It’s all beautiful, though.

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