Journey to Zion – week 28

I feel like the little orphan from Annie who exclaims, “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” simply because the tone in her voice, the emotion that comes through her words, feels like the emotional gas being let out by my heart. (Expect really strange analogies from me as Zion gets closer to arriving. My momma heart just won’t know how to explain all the feelings bouncing off of its walls, so strange analogies is the only way I’ll know how to express them.) I can hardly believe that we are 7 months in!

I’m feeling great.
I’m feeling confident. Confident that my body is doing everything is needs to do to get Zion and I in the perfect position for labor.
I’m feeling mentally strong. I may have many doubts, worries, and fears about the future, but I can assure myself that I feel oh so mentally strong for the day when Zion and I start dancing together in unison with our Divine to make magic happen.
I’m feeling conditioned. My physical activity may have dropped dramatically, but I know my hormones and muscles will be in sync for the special day.
I’m feeling excited. Excited to have our little Zion physically join our family. Excited to have the Zion I dreamed of in existence and growing.
I’m feeling nervous. Nervous that I have been a boy’s momma long enough to not know what it is to be a baby girl’s momma. Sounds silly I know, but their basic anatomy is different!
And I’m feeling so so much more.

As far as our 7 month prenatal appointment went, nothing exciting happened. By “nothing exciting” I mean that Zion and I are in great health and we don’t need interventions of any sorts. Our ultrasound results came back looking excellent. There’s no protein in my urine. My blood pressure is normal. And Zion’s heartbeat sounds great.

On an exciting side note, I contacted the midwife who was my primary during my pregnancy and labor with Little Nugget (who is no longer a midwife), and she has happily agreed to be at my labor for additional support. This makes my heart so full. If all goes as planned (God willing), I will have the same team with me as I did with Little Nugget…plus Little Nugget. My vision of my perfect little labor support team. Thank. You. God.

Lastly, I wanted to mention how special my prenatal appointments have been. They have been a moment of family time. It has been Josh, Little Nugget and I enjoying the travel to the birth center and visits with Robyn…together. As our lives as three get cut shorter and shorter, I cherish these moments where we enjoy lunch from one of our favorite places before every appointment, and we embrace each other while daydreaming of what life will be like when Zion arrives.

Cheers to making memories with family!



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