A momma bear in her cave

In this visualization, I’m a pregnant momma bear (literally a bear) going into labor. Don’t ask me where I get these ideas for visualizations, I just do and they’re wildly vivid. My visualizations draw me into the moment with sights, sounds, and smells that I can experience firsthand even though it’s not really happening. I just hope I can properly translate them to you.

Alone in my cave, feeling the onset of early labor contractions, there is a strong storm outside. The sky is crying ferociously and the wind is screaming at the top of her lungs. Lonely, pacing back and forth in my cave patiently waiting for my labor to progress, you’d think the odds are against me, but they aren’t. How so? I’ve got no support, the weather seems treacherous, and I’m stuck in a cave about to birth my cub. Well, let me explain.

I am a mammal in nature engulfed by support.
Mother nature has presented herself in ways that I must be very aware of and present for to fully appreciate and utilize.
Through the melody of the pouring rain, I am able to find my rhythm.
Through the howling of the wind, I am able to progress into active labor moaning alongside my Mother Nature who is teaching my cub and I this labor dance as we go.
Through the trust in my Divine, I supply my cub with the confidence to surrender alongside me.
And my cave, our cave. It is dark and that calms me. I know I am safe. I know we are safe.
The rocky parts of my cave are an aid. They make for areas to hold as I squat, lean, or simply surrender to the ebs and flows of my uterus doing its job.
The echoes of my moans help me relax and allow me to accept the labor rituals that many mother bears before me have undergone naturally with the help of their surroundings.

It’s a stormy night in the middle of the forest and there is a bear in a cave working with Mother Nature to successfully bring her cub earthside.

I couldn’t imagine a more intimate and beautiful setting for me to bring my cub to the world.




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