The anti-gravity position

Question for all the pregnant women or women who have been pregnant reading this (especially those who are 5 months pregnant or beyond).

How do you feel after laying on your back for just 20 minutes?
If you haven’t tried it, I don’t recommend it.

**A quick disclaimer**
The following is my opinion based solely on my experience(s), but I do know that laying on your back (in the supine position) is not especially good for a pregnant momma because it can compress an important blood vessel decreasing blood pressure. It can also reduce blood flow to the placenta and baby. Decreased blood pressure, in my case, caused nausea, light headedness, and a horrible after-effect that I couldn’t shake for about 45 minutes. The only time I have laid on my back for longer than 10 minutes this pregnancy has been during my first ultrasound which I had at 24 weeks. The technician took longer than expected on my ultrasound because she couldn’t get the images she needed. Zion would NOT stop moving!

Anyways, the reason I ask the question above is because I wanted to begin with, yes, giving the supine position a bad rep when it comes to labor. I won’t disagree that the supine position is obviously necessary in situations where a laboring woman receives an intervention that disables her from using her legs, but in a non-emergency situation where a woman is allowed to labor freely, the supine position should be the last position utilized. Why? Well because gravity is not on your side when in this position, and you need gravity helping you (along with many other factors) to bring your baby down down and out. Remember, gravity brings and keeps stuff down.

Here’s a blog post that gives you 6 positions that will help a laboring body do its job.

Beyond Supine: 6 Labor Positions That Really Work With Your Body

If you have any questions, comments, corrections, or concerns, please feel free to let me know. I am all about expanding my knowledge.

Cheers to all the women that bring life to this world!

Just for giggles.
For giggles.

8 thoughts on “The anti-gravity position

  1. Laying on my back was tough, because its the ONLY way I slept. When I would lay on my back within about 10 minutes my right leg would get tightly and numb. It was horrible, and the one thing I hated about being pregnant.

      1. I adapted to sleeping in my sides, didn’t like it but I got used to it. The biggest thing I can suggest is lots of pillows! Beside you, behind you, between ur legs lol. An to do yoga before bed to relax you!

  2. I can definitely agree! I tried many positions during my labor and lying flat on my back was the WORST! I don’t know how people can give birth like that. I had been standing and walking around for a good few hours before I lay down and I jumped up like I had been stuck with a hot poker! I was like “Nope, that’s not going to do it for me!” lol. I actually ended up giving birth standing up, it felt the best out of all positions I tried. Gravity definitely helps, in my humble opinion anyway. Nice post littlebignugget!

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