A letter to the Double Hip Squeeze

Dear Double Hip Squeeze,

You’re new here. You’re new to my body. You’re new to my life, but already I appreciate you so much.

I’m sure I met you as I sat in my childbirth classes with my first pregnancy, but it must have been one of those aquaintances that I forgot about because of the lack of interaction between you and I. I didn’t even know you and already I was taking you for granted.

I am a big believer in things happening for a reason, people reuniting when they are meant to be in each other’s life, and here we are again. I met you back in February, sitting in on a childbirth series, not even pregnant yet. I learned more about you. I learned you’re a committed squeeze as you must be held throughout a contraction.

Although I have not experienced your graciousness during labor, I have already experienced your wonders during my third trimester. You relieve the soreness felt by the fleshy parts of my lower rear area (aka my buttocks). You massage me so well in areas I didn’t even know I needed massaging. My goodness, where have you been all my life?

Last night, you found me leaning over a table, stretching my lower back, softly moaning as I tried finding a position to bring my tired body some comfort after a long day. You squeezed me in all the right areas. You counterpressured the muscles that ached with a long day’s pulling, stretching, and creating. You…? Wait, those weren’t your hands doing that! I’ve mistaken you for my doula (aka better half). My apologies, I think I’ve given you a little more credit than you’re due. Please, let me correct myself. Thank you for working with my doula to bring me comfort through your expertise. Thank you for supplying my doula some confidence as he provides me comfort.

I look forward to seeing what magic you and my better half can perform on me during labor.

With great appreciation,

Big Nugget


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