The new cast iron man in our lives

I’ve never been much of a cook. I’ll just be honest and say that I’ve never enjoyed cooking. (Eating is a different story.) I always saw cooking as more of a chore than something enjoyable to do. Lately though, I’ve been a little more inspired to create in the kitchen. I don’t know what sparked the interest exactly, but I know that I’m having more fun spending time in our tiny kitchen.

So, what’s the title of this post have to do with the above? Well, first of all, the title was supposed to be “The new cast iron man pan in our lives”, but apparently I can’t use a strikethrough word in my title (or just couldn’t figure out how). Second, I have found a new source of inspiration for cooking and it’s way tangible and totally cool. What I would’ve never been excited about in the past, I’m completely raving about now.

My better half recently became enthralled about the idea of purchasing a cast iron pan. After doing some research on it, we went out and bought one. We used it that same night, loved it, and went out and bought a second one (slightly larger) the very next day. I thought they were going to be expensive, but our 10″ pan cost $15.99 at Walmart, and the 12″ pan cost $19.99 at Target. Not bad for a pair of pans that should last us a lifetime (if we take care of them), and not to mention that the weight on these pans allows them to double as weapons (if you have the forearms for it).

I’m looking forward to posting what I create using these really cool pans, and what I learn about them as I navigate my way through a new appreciation for cooking.

If you happen to have some good recipes to try or advice/suggestions on cast-iron care please do share!

Cheers to all you cooks out there!




6 thoughts on “The new cast iron man in our lives

    1. A Dutch oven? One of the first things we did was a deep dish pizza! 😊 Have to try a second time because our dough didn’t cook completely. Womp womp! Any suggestions for throughly cooking the dough on a deep dish?

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