The time when…you kill your child with kindness.

Little Nugget woke up extremely cranky Sunday morning. It was one of those mornings where he wanted mom (aka me) to do everything for him, but mom didn’t want to do anything. Josh couldn’t touch LN without LN freaking out. Little Nugget had no choice, though. I was exhausted and still had plans of staying laid out in bed.

After wrestling with LN a bit, Josh somehow convinced him to lay back down. As he laid down, he started whimpering. I asked him why he was crying and it only made him cry more. I asked him to jump into bed with me because I wanted to hug him, and again, it only made him cry more. I decided to ask him if I could hug him instead of it sounding like a demand to let me hug him and it initiated the following back-and-forth:

LN: Why?
Me: Why do I want to hug you?
Well because I love you.
Because you’re my son.
Well because God made you my son.
Because he thought you’d be the best fit for me. Can I give you a hug now?
No. ::followed by continual whimpering::
Ok, well just know I love you.

I decided to let him be and laid back down with the intention of falling back asleep.

It hadn’t even been 3 minutes when I heard LN’s little voice sadly say,  “Ok ok.” I confirmed with him by telling him to hop into bed with me. He climbed into bed and instantly attached himself to me.

It was a cuddle lovefest, and we ended up resting for another hour and a half.

**Note to self: “Kill” Ilan and Zion with kindess as much as possible for the least amount of arguments and increased satisfactory results.


Cheers to keeping a light heart!



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