Journey to Zion – week 32

This week was a dual appointment week. I had an appointment with Robyn (my midwife) and a separate appointment with Dr. Poliakin (the back-up doctor) who delivers at the nearby hospital, Los Robles in Thousand Oaks. (In case you’re wondering, I met with Dr. Poliakin to have some history in case there is an emergency while I am in labor.)

Dr. Poliakin performed a short ultrasound, but was unable to provide a print out because, well, Zion was being Zion and she wouldn’t stop moving…nothing new. According to the doctor, she has long legs like me. I couldn’t help but laugh because I’m only 5′ 2”, but in reality, I do have long limbs and a short torso, so I get it. He also stated that she’s head down, and both my placenta and her are looking healthy.

Sadly, I travelled to my appointments without my posse because Josh was in Las Vegas for Interbike (a cyclist’s convention) and I knew I couldn’t handle Little Nugget on my own at the doctor’s office as it’s not child-friendly like “Robyn’s house” is. Believe me, I tried figuring out how I could make it happen because I enjoy having Little Nugget be a part of this all, but I knew I’d be kidding myself if I tried.

There’s nothing new to report other than I’m still going strong, still sleeping, and my emotions seem to have leveled out. It’s been a boring (as in no scary surprises or worries), yet beautiful pregnancy thus far. No complaints here.

– My bosom has grown some more and my areolas are itching once again. Looking forward to breastfeeding!!
– Josh, Little Nugget and I are soaking up our time as three. Sundays have been fun even if it’s just us going grocery shopping.
– I’ve been enjoying experimenting on belly shots with Little Nugget. He’s been such a great sport, and has even started asking, “momma keese your belly with your camwa?” I’m taking advantage of his willingness to take pictures. Zion’s going to have a really cool picture book to look through of her baking when she gets older. I printed one for Little Nugget, but my photography skills were a lot less amateur than they are now.

Cheers to healthy growing babies!


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