With the help of my pride

Don’t ask me where I get these ideas for visualizations, I just do and they’re wildly vivid. My visualizations draw me into the moment with sights, sounds, and smells that I can experience firsthand even though it’s not really happening. I just hope I can properly translate them to you.

There is a glorious rock that exists in the middle of the savanna. It rests on the earth as if it were meant for theatrical seating. It rests on the earth waiting to be occupied by those waiting to enjoy the sun’s rising or setting. Waiting to feel the warmth of company appreciating its existence as it appreciates their existence.

This rock not only lays in the middle of the land feeling the gusts of wind as they dance by, or wet drops as the rain gleefully falls off of its curves and edges, but it also exists to bring a laboring lioness and her pride a place of comfort as they bring new life to the divine earth they inhabit.

The lioness? The lioness is me. I have journeyed to this glorious rock with my pride, with the individuals who I’ve chosen to support me as I dance the labor dance with my unborn cub. These are the individuals that will help fill me with the fierceness I need to continue through the last set of contractions. They will help push me when I feel like I can no longer continue. When I’m ready to give up. Cave in.

Early labor began in the early morning. It is now late afternoon and labor has progressed to feeling closer and closer to active labor, so my pride gathers to accompany me as I walk through our grassy lands to the glorious rock.

As we walk, we pause with each strong contraction and I begin to moan. They are patient with me even while the sun continues to kiss our faces with its strong rays, but it will only last another few hours. I am thankful for that; however, I will miss the sun’s warmth when I start to feel cold.

We finally arrive at the rock. I need help climbing to the top. My king, my partner, my lion helps me up after a strong contraction. This little push ends up feeling heavenly as the stretching of my back leg seems to have given my pelvis the space it needed to bring my cub down some more, and this seems to have sped up the last leg of my labor because my moans have become light roars.

As I’ve completely settled on the rock I have chosen as the birthplace of my cub, my light roars become louder and louder. They come from deep within my belly and as if they hold some infectious desire to be copied, my pride begins to roar with me.

The sun is setting. I open my eyes in between contractions to try and re-center myself after a too-strong-contraction and I catch a glimpse of the blood-red, orange, and pink mixtured sky. The contractions seem to start piling up. The only thing I feel is getting me through the intense discomfort is my pride’s roaring. It’s louder than I remember, almost startling, but it seems to be just what I need as I feel the trembling of their roars nourishing my tired body.

A laboring lioness knows what she needs. The rock, the timing, the roaring, my pride. It has all come together to aid me through an intense yet beautiful birth experience as my cub is born with nightfall right around the corner.

Image copied from hdwpics.com.
Image copied from hdwpics.com.

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