When you least expect it

I was on the last 15 minutes of work when I received a call on my cell phone. The caller ID read “ICEA Evaluator”*. My heart started thumping and Zion started moving (she must’ve felt me become nervous). I let the call go to voicemail hoping a voicemail would be left. I knew I couldn’t calmly answer with only 15 minutes left to my shift.

I received a notification right after the call. ICEA Evaluator had indeed left a voicemail. I quickly dialed my phone to listen to the message.

“Hi Jasmin! It’s ICEA Evaluator. I just finished watching your last class about ten minutes ago. Let me just start by saying I love you! I am completely impressed by everything I saw…but give me a call when you can.” 

My heart had experienced a rollercoaster ride in the 40 second span of the voicemail. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to feel. She had mentioned she was impressed but she had ended it with a “but“. I clocked out of work and walked to my car in high anxiety mode.

This was the woman I had found on the ICEA directory, asked her to evaluate my recorded classes (a required step for my childbirth educator certification), and who had miraculously said yes when a few others had flat out said no. Let me also mention that she’s been teaching childbirth for 26 years, so there’s no doubt she has plenty of experience.

Fastforward to me calling her back. It was a 30 minute call, and that’s because we cut it short deciding to meet in person at a later time. The outcome of the call? Oh gosh! I received plenty of praise, valuable constructive criticism, valuable personal opinion, inspiration, and validation. I couldn’t believe my ears. My heart was ready to explode from the belief an experienced teacher has in me. ICEA Evaluator had seen something in me, had decided me worthy of meeting with her to give me tips, tricks, praise, and even some material to add to my toolbox (she mentioned something about an amnihook and internal fetal monitor).

I wish I could have and had recorded the conversation with her as it would come in handy when I’m feeling doubtful in my potential, talents, and passions. Some of the things she said that stuck to my heart are:

“Childbirth education is a dying art. We’re a dying breed. We need educators like you.”
“You have passion, I can hear it in your voice and in the way you teach, and you can’t teach passion.”
“With some fine tuning and practice, you’re going to be a master at this.”

I couldn’t believe the conversation I had had with this experienced and beautiful person who had taken the time to comb through my material and give me such wonderful, meaningful, and valuable feedback.

The doubt I have in myself, in my ability to teach, has been briefly appeased. I am so grateful for this passion I have encountered and hope to be able to make a change in this world with it. No matter how small, I hope to create a ripple that will inspire others to make their own changes.

Cheers to our passions!

Taken in 2006, I think this picture represents the bountiful supply of hope I have for my potential career in childbirth education. I don't know exactly where it'll take me, but as I look out to the vast ocean, I feel ready for the ride.
Taken in 2006, I think this picture perfectly represents the bountiful supply of hope I have for my career in childbirth education. I don’t know exactly where it’ll take me, but as I look out to the vast ocean, I feel ready for the ride.

* ICEA Evaluator has a name, but for privacy purposes, I’ve removed it. 


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