Billing companies suck!

Truth is…they really don’t. Ok, so this is me speaking about the companies I’ve dealt with, but at my young age (yes, I consider 27 to still be young) I’ve had my share of ER visits, credit card debt, and other expenses that my parents were no longer in position to be responsible for.  What I’ve come to learn is what actually sucks is not so much the entity doing the billing, but the charges themselves. Sure, the entity is ultimately the charger, but you have to remember that these entities are ran by people, so there’s a human element to them.

I’ve had very good experiences when I put in the time to make a phone call to the hospital, credit card company, or whoever is doing the charging.  All it takes is a phone call to find out what your options are for the existing balance. You’ll be surprised how forgiving these people actually are as long as you call before the charge becomes outstanding or past due, and as long as you treat them with respect (as you should expect them to treat you). I’ve had so many hospital bills that would have left me underwater had I been required to pay even the minium they were requesting. One call was all it took to get part of the charge forgiven/dropped and/or to get me a payment plan that still left me with money for food to eat.

What I’m trying to say with all my wordiness is…make a call, speak to someone to explore your options, and find a solution. Complaining is normal, but complaining won’t get your bills paid. You always have options.


Have you had a positive/negative experience with any billing company you’d like to share?


10 thoughts on “Billing companies suck!

  1. Oh yes! And the key is to be kind! Usually it’s a billing error or a new computer system that messes up! I spent hours over 3 months to straighten out my bundled Internet, cable and land line….

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