Journey to Zion – week 33

I noticed my stretch marks this week. At first I was a bit shocked by how visible they were, then the shock turned into gratitude and appreciation for how amazing my body is for growing this baby. Thank God for the experience of my first pregnancy that helped me not be naive enough to think I was going to escape these beauty marks or the so-called “tiger stripes”. I cried when Josh pointed out my stretch marks when I was pregnant with Little Nugget. I know better now.

I also had a little baby shower this week. My sister and mom celebrated my sister-in-law (who is also pregnant) and me with a very intimate baby shower. Notice how I used “little” and “intimate” to describe the event. I do so because I had at least 80 people at Little Nugget’s baby shower. It was awesome, but man was it overwhelming! With Little Nugget, I overestimated my pregnant body thinking that I could handle entertaining, conversing, and thanking 80 people. I was so wrong. I remember my body feeling overly exhausted afterwards and my mind absolutely overwhelmed by everything we got. Of course, I was extremely grateful for all the love that was displayed to us that day, but to find where to put everything was an added challenge. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful…what I’m trying to get at is, the baby shower my mom and sister put together was beautiful. It was perfect. It was not overwhelming in any way. I can honestly say that I was able to converse with everyone there and enjoy their company; and at the end of it all, I felt as happy leaving with only one trunk full of stuff as I did leaving with three cars filled with stuff with Little Nugget. I guess I’m learning some valuable lessons as I grow older and more experienced in this motherhood gig…the amount of material you get isn’t as important as the quality of genuine time people offer and actually give you. I know that Zion will be as loved as Little Nugget was/is if not more since she already has a sibling to watch over her.

Life is good.

– Began taking walks during my lunch time again. Although they are short walks around the block, I try to keep them at a brisk pace while being mindful of Zion’s and my wellbeing.

Cheers to a happy life!



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