I have to fix everyone’s problems!

Truth is…no I don’t. Simply listening to someone’s obstacles is enough. A lot of the time I feel obligated to say something to make the person feel better, but most of the time my feedback sounds so cliché that I imagine it only makes the person feel worse, angry or even resentful towards me.

I try and put myself in the other person’s shoes and think of what I would need in their position. I’ll be very honest, I find it difficult to just listen, and it’s not because I mean to make the situation about me, but I do find myself feeling uncomfortable when others are angry, sad, frustrated and feel like I must take those feelings on as well. Truth is, most of the time, just giving the person space to vent is enough.


Do you naturally feel like you have to provide advice? If yes, how do you stop yourself and just listen without feeling guilty of not providing a response?


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