Journey to Zion – week 34-35

The last two weeks have blended together. There has been some preparation happening and things are getting real. Very real. I didn’t nest with Little Nugget, and I didn’t think I would with Zion either, but as the weeks get shorter, I find myself cleaning and making to-do lists left and right. This is nothing different from my usual life really, but when my to-do lists have nothing but baby things to handle, I’d say that’s closer to nesting than normal living.

Although I’m starting to become a little more concerned about having things in order at home, I surprisingly find myself very calm, collected, and at peace. I’ve found myself describing my current state of mind to friends as, “I’m in a good place. I’m at peace even with the worries that currently trail my days.” My heart feels and means this 110%. Who knows what I will feel postpartum. Check in with me then to see how at peace I feel.

Another cool thing that has happened is that I’ve been able to catch up with a handful of friends. It has been refreshing as some of my encounters have taken me back to my pre-motherhood days. These have served as a reminder that I’m still young and my life has longevity.

Cheers to peaceful and positive living!

– One way I can tell Zion is growing is my belly is i t c h i n g!! My stretch marks are more apparent.
– I’ve been feeling quite a bit of vaginal pressure, which reminds me to practice my kegels.
– I’ve also been feeling quite a few Braxton hicks a day. Although they are not painful, they can be distracting. They feel like a cramp without the pain as my uterus practices its flexing and relaxing. Is it weird to say that I’m enjoying them? I guess it wouldn’t be weird for a birth junkie like me. I’m enjoying them because they make me more aware of my body, what it’s doing, and its abilities. It lets me know it’s preparing itself for the coming of our beautiful Zion, and it gets me to practice my stop, drop, and breathe. Ok, maybe I don’t literally drop, but I do find myself dropping what I’m doing and taking a deep breath to provide my muscles and Zion the oxygen they need throughout the flex.

– Josh, Little Nugget, and I have been making the most of our days as three. Josh recently purchased a Yuba Mundo which all three of us absolutely love. Josh pedals while Little Nugget and I enjoy the ride from the back of the bicycle.
– An upside to working in corporate America is…you get benefits, and those benefits include paid time off (PTO). I’m what you can call a PTO hoarder. In calculating how much time I have left for the year, I saw I have over 150 hours left, and my company only allows me to roll 80 hours into the new year. What does this mean? A handful of days off before actually going on maternity leave. Woohoo!


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