Shitty circumstances should reflect shitty attitudes.

Truth is…you can be positive even through an obstacle. Your attitude does not have to reflect what you are undergoing. Sure, we are human and the human thing to do is to feel the emotions that come along with a downfall, and it’s important to give ourselves the space to feel these emotions, but whoever said, “get yourself up and dust yourself off” (I might have changed the saying a bit) understood something that maybe others didn’t.

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s not the first, fifth, or last obstacle you will survive through. Notice I said survive through…because you will. 

Another thing to remember is misery loves company. Just because someone says that you should be more “realistic” about your situation shouldn’t dictate how you actually feel. If you want to be happy while you can’t pay your bills, be happy! Not being able to pay you bills isn’t the end of the world. Sure, it sucks, but guess what? You’re alive, breathing, and well. You’ll figure it out.  Plus, it’s your situation not theirs. It seems like people become envious when they hear that people are handling obstacles well. Instead of celebrating your composure with you they try to bring you down. The only thing I have for this is…leave those people behind. You don’t need them, and quite frankly, if they can’t handle your situation, they don’t need you.


If only we could all feel as positive as he does when falling into a hole.

How do you stay positive through an obstacle? What keeps you looking forward?


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