Journey to Zion – week 37

It truly takes a village to raise a child, and one of the best parts of having a support system is that extensions to the community can come from any angle. The branches to the tree that help create a solid foundation to grow on some times come from a place that you’d least expect.

At time of writing, I am three days away from being 38 weeks, and it was my last day at work. I am officially on maternity leave. (Queue the applause and celebration sounds.) As anxious as I was for this day to arrive, leaving work was a little bittersweet. No, I won’t miss the work, but I will miss the people and speaking about my pregnancy journey, my day-to-day experiences with Little Nugget, and just being myself in an environment I have defined myself as, well, myself. (Let’s not confuse this emotion with me wanting to go back first thing Monday morning.)

On my last day of work, my coworkers decorated my desk, had a sweets/desserts potluck, and delivered a beautiful card signed by the department that included a generous gift card. In addition to all of that beauty, other coworkers personally came and delivered hugs, cards, and gifts. I did not expect any of this and was completely overwhelmed with gratitude. I cannot properly express how much this means to me and could not comprehend how people could care so much for someone who is not a part of their family or close circle of friends. So again, this brings me to…it truly takes a village to raise a child.

The worry and anxiety I just wrote about in week 36 has subsided substantially and I believe even more now that we will be just fine. God continues to provide for us in ways that I cannot explain and/or imagine.

**An especially sincere “thank you” to the few people who I know went above and beyond to celebrate me today. Your love does not go unnoticed.**

Cheers to amazing support systems!

– I am GBS negative! Woohoo!! This means no antibiotics necessary during labor.
– My iron level was 12.5. In doing some research, this is nice and healthy! Not bad for a momma who doesn’t take prenatal vitamins.
– I gained some valuable knowledge from friends who aren’t parents. I was reminded that we all have valuable knowledge to share. Trusting that as a parent I will make the best decisions for my children and family as a whole is the best filter for this knowledge.


5 thoughts on “Journey to Zion – week 37

      1. Thank you, Jasmine 🙂 I’m busy with the NaNoWriMo since the beginning of Nov. 🙂 May God continue to bless you and your family 🙂

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