3 years from 2012

I can hardly believe that I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy three. years. ago! Being pregnant, I had forgotten that Little Nugget was growing older as Zion baked in the oven. This brought about the question, how will I keep track of both of my children’s growth? Special moments? I guess I just have to continue doing what I do and document what I love about them when I can.

It was the day before Little Nugget’s birthday, and he had started crying about everything. It was his queue to put him down for a nap. He had woken up 15 minutes shy of 7 am that morning, and it was almost noon, so yeah, it was time for him to get some shut-eye. He complied, however, not without demanding that I lay down with him. I didn’t mind, really, as my eyes felt tired and I promised myself I’d take advantage of Little Nugget’s naps to rest with him before Zion came.

I laid down with Little Nugget, but instead of closing my eyes to fall asleep, I just stared at him watching him drift off to wherever a sleeping toddler’s mind goes. I couldn’t bring myself to fall asleep. I absorbed the way his lips cracked open, the way his eyes twitched, the way his chest rose and fell with every breath. It was such a bittersweet moment. I had watched him sleep like this often as a newborn and infant, and now the times I got to do this with him as a toddler were rare. The moments were distant, and they would only get farther and farther apart. There will be a day (sooner than I’d like) when he will be taller than me and he will need a space bigger than his toddler bed to sleep in. Bed-sharing will not be much of an option then. I felt a familiar ache in my heart. The ache was in addition to the pride I felt for the little boy God had made me a mother to.

If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you know that we aren’t big party people, so again, we didn’t do anything big for Little Nugget. Josh’s family had a small birthday party for him a couple of weeks ago, and on his actual birthday, we celebrated by riding the Yuba Mundo to brunch and then to my parent’s house to cut the cake I made for him.


Cheers to another year of life, love, and health for my Little Nugget!


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