Journey to Zion – week 38

This week has been a different kind of week. My alarms have been turned off and I get to wake up to the day playing the role of a stay-at-home mom. When night falls, I can lay with Little Nugget until he falls asleep without the stress of having to be ready for work the next day. I’m happy I decided to take two weeks off before my due date instead of just one.

This week, I also had the opportunity to drive out to Venice, Ca to receive a prenatal massage (pro bono). Something I would have not been able to do financially had it not been free of charge. How did I manage that? Well, first of all, Zion has brought me many blessings (or in other words…good luck), this being one of them. And two, if I can give any advice it is nurture and make use of your resources/connections. Robin Gruver with Birthing With Wisdom was our birth educator during my pregnancy with Little Nugget. She had shared something on Facebook for her friend and colleague with Om Organic Massage and Wellness in Woodland Hills, Ca: 14 pregnant mamas were needed for complimentary hour massages so that students could complete their Prenatal Massage Training. I quickly emailed to inquire about the massages. Unfortunately, because of how far into my pregnancy I was, I could not be massaged on the school’s site, but I was referred to someone else that would be willing to do it off campus. I followed the trail and it led me to meet a talented individual who provided me with a very relaxing and much needed massage, and it turns out that her family invented Pinxav (I look forward to trying it out and telling you more about it). So, to reiterate, nurture and make use of your resources. You never know what or who you’ll encounter and what networking will come of it.

On my way home from the massage, I took advantage that there wasn’t too much traffic on the 405 (which if you’ve heard of the infamous 405, there is pretty much always traffic on it) and drove the freeway with my windows open letting the air fill my car as I blasted music. Huge drops of rain began falling on my windshield. I held my left arm out of the window and let my skin feel the crisp air and cold drops falling from the sky. I felt so free, so happy, and so relaxed. I felt God’s affirmation, his love for me and the child I was (and still am) carrying.

Even when we are down, there are aspects of our lives that are “up”, and it was this moment when I felt and trusted this truth wholeheartedly. This was an “up” moment. I wanted badly to bottle this feeling forever. I prayed that my blood was pumping this feeling directly to Zion, and that my heart was transmitting all the relaxation I felt to her little heart. I’m almost sure I was because she’s still very comfortable in the womb that she calls her home. She feels safe there. I feel safe here.

Cheers to living positively!

– Some insomnia has kicked in, or it might just me be waiting for labor to begin.

– Now that it’s started to feel “cold” (what we consider cold here in SoCal), I double checked our packed bags as well as Zion’s diaper bag to make sure we have “warm” clothing. I took advantage and included Little Nugget in the process. He was eager and excited to help.
– I laughed with Robyn (my midwife) at this week’s appointment because I’ve been checking for any sign of labor: any slight blood stain on my underwear to possibly feeling nauseous to cramping that maybe will turn into contractions. Nothing yet.
– Lately, it’s been hard to focus on anything when all I can think of is, “We’ll be holding a new little human any. day. now!!”
– I’ve been trying to remember not to get too excited when the times comes as that could slow down my labor too.


5 thoughts on “Journey to Zion – week 38

  1. Hi Jasmin, I’ve been trying to comment on your previous post, but somehow, my comments disappear. 😦
    The message I was trying to send was:
    Happy blessed birthday, Ilan! Stay happy always!

    Hope it’ll go through this time. 🙂
    Wish you have a safe and smooth delivery! 😊 All the best!

    1. Thank you so much! That is odd. I don’t know why it would keep disappearing. My apologies! I’m grateful to you for continuing to try as your sincere words mean the world to my heart. Sending you love, happiness, and nothing but positivity.

      1. So glad that you could receive it now. 🙂 Some friends said my comments accidentally ended up in their spam box. 😦 I guess it’s some WP bugs.

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