Parenting in times of devastation

Catching up on my Instagram feed (like usual), I noticed a trending topic amongst the people I follow. #PrayforParis was the trending hashtag and the Eiffel Tower was the trending image. It only took me one picture to question what was going on.

I quickly Googled “Paris” and found all that I needed to know. The titles of the news sites said it all. My heart began to race. Little Nugget was sitting next to me watching a movie and laughing gleefully as my head and heart asked so many questions about the devastation going on. I held him closer. Tighter. I kissed the top of his head.

These attacks can happen anywhere. To anyone. No one is safe, and this, this made my momma heart ache. It’s one thing having only yourself to take care of, but when you have children to watch over and raise, any kind of catastrophe leaves you feeling an infinite amount more vulnerable and confused.

After reading about the carnage happening in Paris, I continued to scroll down my feed and saw a fellow blogging momma’s picture. Her son was pictured with the Eiffel Tower, and in her caption she asked, “And how do you explain these things to children?” This made my momma heart ache even more. She posed an extremely delicate and valid question. The way we parents behave towards and explain these situations to our children highly influence the way our children grow up to cope with and overcome people’s heinous actions not only near them, but anywhere in the world.

Shortly after, my husband called me to let me know he was headed home from work. He mentioned the attacks in Paris. I let him know that I had read about them and that Little Nugget had noticed my change in emotions through my facial expressions. We discussed how horrible it all was and I asked him the same question my Instagram momma-friend had presented, “How do you explain these things to children?” to which he added, “Without messing up the world for them?” They seem like simple questions to answer, but in reality there is so much thought that must go into answering them. I believe that first you must be able to somewhat explain it to yourself in order to properly convey an age-appropriate discussion with your children.

Life is so delicate. It takes months to grow, years to develop, and seconds to end. The only way I think I can properly teach this to my children is by showing them that love, peace, and help can be provided even through devastating times.

Usually I’d end my posts with a cheers, but in this case, I end it with vibes of love and positivity for the world, as we all need them.



I recommend you heading over to Anabel’s (the momma-friend I speak of above) to read her post about “Talking to our Toddler about Terrorism”


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