Journey to Zion – week 39

There hasn’t been much development this week as far as getting closer to meeting our little piece of Zion. I continue to enjoy being home with Little Nugget trying not to overdo myself with cleaning, but still trying to stay active. My rule has been to rest as long as I’ve been active, so if I’ve been on my feet for an hour, I rest at least half of that time. Being so into childbirth, I know better than to go into labor after a long tiring day. Balance is the name of the game. Isn’t it always?

I was happy to finally have Josh draw on my pregnant belly again. He did it for Little Nugget, and now we have documentation of it with Zion; however, he had to collaborate with another artist this time around. Little Nugget joined in and added his piece of artistic thought.

Cheers to belly love!

– Come nighttime, I get strong ligament cramping that brings me to a squat position. 

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