Factory reset

This morning, I woke up to the unpleasant surprise of my phone being reset to factory settings. How did this happen? Well, the one time I accidentally lock myself out of my phone and input my password incorrectly nine times, my phone decides to erase all of my content, including pictures, notes, and voice recordings. (Pretty much the stuff that I’m too lazy to back-up but is still important to me.) However, when my toddler son locks my phone once a week, my phone is alright to let me proceed. How does technology make its decisions?? I blame no one but myself since, like I said, I am just too lazy to back-up anything other than my contacts.

Lesson learned!

How did I get over it? I went through a few different phases. There was a denial phase where I thought my phone was just acting up. Then, when I saw the dreaded “resetting to factory settings” on my screen, I’ll be honest and say that I threw a mini-tantrum (worrying Little Nugget because of my sobbing). After making my eyes burn from the facial lotion I had rubbed in my eyes because of my tears, I kept to myself all the way to my prenatal appointment where I then vented to my midwife, which helped me get over it. Talking about the situation, alright it was more like complaining about it, I came to terms that it had happened and there was no turning back. I accepted that worse things could have happened.

Naturally, to cure the feeling of “missing” the deleted information from my life, I decided to compensate with food and create new memories. Little Nugget and I stuffed our faces with a good lunch (that I’m still burping up) and we took the scenic route home once again.

Cheers to allowing ourselves to feel emotions, but understanding that things will be alright!



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