Arrival at Zion

You’ve arrived, my beautiful Zion. Actually, let me say, you’ve finally arrived my beautiful Zion! I was starting to feel like this was all a joke. Like you were never going to make it into my arms. Forty weeks is a long time to wait to meet someone, and to go past that is really playing with someone’s emotions. Knowing a thing or two about childbirth, I knew I wasn’t going to be pregnant forever, but it sure felt like I was.

I can hardly believe that you were once only a dream, and now you’re a reality sweetly snuggled up on my breast waiting to be fed.

My Zion, my highest peak closest to God. You compliment your brother who keeps me grounded and focused. You remind me to look to God and continue serving. God knew just how to balance me with you and your brother.

Some say that they never thought that they could possibly love more, but I knew I would. I was just waiting for you to deliver this love to my heart. There was a space reserved just for you, for the love you’d bring me, and now it has been fulfilled.

Oh, sweet child of mine. I am still in disbelief that God has delievered the Zion I dreamed of. I look forward to the love, peace, and patience we are to learn together hand in hand.


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