Journey to Zion – 2 weeks earth side

Yesterday marked two weeks since I gave birth to our Zion girl. Things are going well. Still. I would say surprisingly well, but having been through the new-parent phase with Little Nugget has made this second time as a new parent a lot easier. I would almost say that we just know what to expect…to a certain extent. Things are going smoother than they did when Little Nugget was a newborn and this is due to a combination of things:

  1. Little Nugget continues his daily routine during the week.
    Little Nugget continues to be taken care of by my mom during the week. This has helped me heal and rest, and it has also allowed Zion and I to bond. I’ve been doing what I was suggested to do with Little Nugget but didn’t. I’ve been sleeping when baby sleeps.
  2. Zion is an “easy” baby.
    I know I’m wrong in saying she’s an “easy” baby since there is no such thing as a difficult baby, but Little Nugget was (and still is) waaay more needy than Zion has been in her two weeks of being here. (Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it can definitely wear a momma out.) She rarely cries and she actually sleeps. She’s been heavenly!
  3. Zion and I were completely healthy to begin with. 
    Thank God!
  4. My mom sends food.
    I forgot what it means to cook. I know I’ll have to do it again in the near future, but it’s so nice and convenient to have food ready for me to eat (well, that at most needs to be heated to consume).

Although there is nothing to complain about, there have been the normal struggles: breastfeeding difficulties and baby blues.

The first few days of breastfeeding were a small struggle because Zion wouldn’t properly latch causing my nipples some chaffing and discomfort, and she’d fall asleep in the middle of feeding. And that baby blues! There were a couple of dark days where my hormones were completely out-of-whack. There was not an ounce of motivation in my body to do anything including eat. I felt like I was headed into a dark tunnel leading nowhere. What helped me overcome this is voicing my sadness to a couple of people (this was difficult to do). These individuals assured and reminded me that I have people available to comfort and support me.

I’m happy to announce that these struggles have been addressed and all is back on track to happiness in parenthood…so far.

Lastly, I wanted to notate a few things that are a part of my daily life (at the moment). I want to document the small things so when I look back I can remember that every moment in my life, no matter how mundane or extraordinary, is a wrinkle in time. If I don’t savor them now, they’ll slip away from me with no remorse.

  • My nursing bra and t-shirt pretty much always smell of dried breast milk.
  • I hardly ever change out of my pajamas unless I’m going out, and going out consists of doctor’s appointments.
  • My “going out” outfit has consisted of only changing out of my pajama bottoms and slippers.
  • I make a big deal when Little Nugget comes home. I make it a point to hug and kiss him until I annoy him.
  • I forgot how cute it is when a newborn cries, yawns, and burps. Zion sounds like a damsel in distress when she lightly cries, unless she’s really angry/hungry. She has the same little “beak” that Little Nugget had when she yawns, and she sounds like a little frog croaking when she burps.

Oh how I love being a mother!

Cheers to parenthood!


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