Bambo Nature – size 1 (newborn)

**The following is my personal opinion. Bambo Nature is not paying me for this review.**

Product description/details:
This review is on Bambo Nature’s diapers in newborn size (size 1) which are recommended for babies 2-4 kg (4-9 lbs). The company sizes the diapers in kilograms as the diapers are made in Denmark.
One pack of size 1 comes with 28 diapers. A case of diapers comes with 6 packs or 168 diapers.

Who are they (the company)?
Bambo Nature provides parents with a skin-, eco-, and sleep-friendly diaper option for their babies. Bambo Nature’s diapers are made of quality materials that bring comfort to you as your baby wears a premium diaper that has them and their wellbeing in mind. They also develop and manufacture with the environment as a concern. Their diapers, for example, are made of a high percentage of sustainable materials. And, this isn’t even half of what this company is about. There is so much more to learn about Bambo Nature. For more information on Bambo Nature and their products, click here.

Why use them (the company)?
I’ll start off by confidently saying that Bambo Nature is a company you can trust. Not only do they have the awards, credentials, and reviews to prove it, I have personally experienced their quality diapers with my newborn and training pants with my toddler. They are a customer-service-driven company as much as they are a quality-product company.

I believe that Bambo Nature is driven by their customers because if you contact them, they will make sure to address your question, comment, or concern personally instead of simply sending you a generic response.

I believe that Bambo Nature makes quality products because they don’t add chlorine, perfumes, or harmful chemicals to their products. They are a great alternative to the conventional diaper for the person who cannot or does not want to use cloth diapers.

How did I hear about them (the company)?
I was first introduced to Bambo Nature by a coworker; his wife worked for Abena, the manufacturer of Bambo Nature diapers. At that time, my husband and I were in process of potty-training Little Nugget, so my coworker offered some training pant samples to introduce us to the brand. It only took those couple of training pants we received for us to be hooked. We instantly noticed the difference between the Bambo Nature brand and the Pull-Ups brand (which we were using at the time). Needless to say, we made a permanent switch.

I am happy to know about Bambo Nature with our second child. I feel relieved knowing that we are starting our newborn daughter off on quality diapers, and have one less worry as their diapers don’t contain all the harsh ingredients that she may be allergic to.

How often do I use this product?
My newborn daughter uses these diapers all day, every day.

Product pros:

  • Bambo Nature diapers don’t leave a gel deposit on my baby’s bottom like other diapers.
  • The diaper straps are softer (they don’t contain latex) and the ends are sticky instead of the harsh velcro-type material making them gentler on my baby’s skin and creating less chance for my baby’s skin to be scratched.
  • We don’t care for our diapers to be covered in cartoon characters. Bambo Nature doesn’t use specific characters to sell their product. Generic animals are used, and they aren’t printed all over the diaper.

Product cons:

  • It was difficult to tell if my newborn had a wet diaper the first couple of weeks. The diapers don’t have a wet strip like most smaller-sized diapers.
  • This is not a product con, but it is important for parents to know that Bambo diapers are sold mainly online, although there are small retailers that sell them. The diapers can be primarily found on, , BabiesRUs, and
  • This is not a product con, but the diapers are sized differently than the diapers manufactured here in the US. Make sure to take a look at Bambo Nature’s sizing chart (especially if it’s your first time purchasing these diapers) to ensure you order the correct size for your baby.

Suggestions for the product (if any):

  • Position diapers upside down for easier removal from the packaging. This, of course, would be helpful only if a single diaper was being removed upon use, which is my case.
  • Include a wet strip that changes colors like other newborn diapers have to show the diaper has been wet. Although, I imagine this may cause some unwanted chemicals to be used in the diaper.
  • Include an umbilical cord notch-cutout on size 1 diapers, too. Currently Bambo Nature’s size 0 do have this cutout, but the size 0 diapers are for babies weighing 2-7 lbs. My baby was born 2 ounces shy of 8 pounds. We made the size 1 diapers work by simply folding the front part under her umbilical cord.

Company contact/website:
To contact Bambo Nature, click here. They want to hear from you. They really do!

Giveaway opportunity:
I’ve partnered with Bambo Nature to giveaway a pack of their diapers or training pants to one of my readers. To enter, follow the rules below.

1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Mention what you love most about parenting.
3. Include your email address.

For an extra entry to the giveaway, go on Instagram, look for me @littlenugget_bignugget, and follow the rules to enter.

**The giveaway ends on Sunday, 12/13 at 9pm PST and the winner will be emailed by Wednesday, 12/16.**

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Do you have any feedback?
Do you have any comments, questions, or concerns about what I wrote above? Please feel free to comment below or email me directly at I would love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Bambo Nature – size 1 (newborn)

  1. I love these diapers but they are pricey! Been going back and forth between them and another brand. I love seeing the learning process in my kids. From first words to sentences…it’s so cool to see that process everyday and in my little guy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I love these diapers but they are pricey! Been switching back and forth between them and another brand. Would love to win some free ones! I love seeing the learning process in parenting. From words to sentences…it’s so cool to see!

    1. Yes, they are pricey. I am big on being cost effective, and unfortunately, these aren’t cost effective for us until we get to training pants since we excessively change our baby’s diaper. We’re a little ocd about it. But the price is worth the quality nonetheless, and I can’t put a price on knowing that my child’s skin is free from chemicals.
      Thank you for commenting and entering the giveaway! Please provide an email address in case you’re the winner. 😊
      And, I agree with loving to see the growth in our kids! It’s a great feeling knowing that we are a part of that growth.

  3. My favorite thing about parenting is…everything. I love the good bad ugly all of it. I’ve never loved life so much. II love these dipes. Only thing I can use on my LO!! Lara.a.reynolds@gmail. Com

  4. Thanks so much for this giveaway! I haven’t had an opportunity to parent yet, but our little guy will be here in a few weeks! 🙂 I think what I’ll love most about parenting is watching our son’s personality develop.

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