Homage to my family

Ilan, my firstborn, means tree. Ilan, the one that made us a family, that made me a mother, keeps me grounded and close to our great Mother Nature. He is my reminder to be great here on earth.

Zion means the most holy place. Zion, the one that reminds me to search for my Divine in the heavens above just as much as on the earth I live on. She reminds me to work towards greatness, the type of greatness that will count when I meet God at the gates. Not for my glory, but for His.

Josh is the reason I have my own family. He believed in me and our love and struggled/struggles alongside me to keep it alive. He is my daily reminder that I am loved, I love, and I am worthy of being loved by others.

God is present in my family. God lives within my family. They are my Jesus-with-skin-on. I am complete.


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