A letter to you

Dear exhausted friend,

I’m writing you this letter because I’m exhausted too. I’m thinking of you as my back aches from bathing my toddler. I understand you as my head hurts from the harmony of cries my children put together for me. I am at the brink of tears as this day doesn’t seem to come to an end. All I want to do is lay down…for at least one uninterrupted hour before my baby’s next feeding. Would you like to join? Maybe I can dance your baby around while you get some shut eye for 30 minutes, then when my arms and calves start giving out, we can trade. Like partners on a road-trip trading off driving duties.

Dear fully capable friend, you are doing a great job. I assure you that although you feel like giving up today, tomorrow you’ll feel like the strongest woman alive. If you don’t feel like I previously stated tomorrow, then give it another day or two. We all have our good and bad days. Let me say that again. We all have our days. Yesterday it was me, today it may be you, and tomorrow it may be another girlfriend. I am here to raise you up and remind you that we carried and birthed for a reason, the reason being – WE ARE CAPABLE.

Dear friend, I refer to you as a friend because although our entire beings love to be mothers, sometimes we need to know that we can be something else. We lose our entire selves in loving, nurturing, and caring for our offspring that sometimes we need to be reminded that we are individuals too. We are people worth love and care from ourselves too. We are people that need tender love and care.

Dear beautiful mom-friend, you are an inspiration. Even at your lowest moments full of motherly guilt, you motivate me to keep trucking. Thank you for your vulnerabilities and allowing me to be a part of them, they remind me that I’m human and life is beautiful.

Sending you as much strength, energy, and love I possibly can.

From one tired mother to another,

Big Nugget 


3 thoughts on “A letter to you

  1. I love the way you call it “harmony of cries”! ☺️ It makes them sound way better. 😄 You are doing great! No one can do a better job than you! Keep going! ❤️❤️❤️They are only baby once. 😘

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