That time when…you realize how in love your son is with his little sister. (Part II)

In the first part to this “That time when…”, I described how Little Nugget informed me about how Zion needs him. This post only extends Little Nugget’s love and protection for his little sister. Little Nugget continues to demonstrate how he takes his big brother role seriously.

He inspires me.

I love that Little Nugget is usually the first one at Zion’s side when she cries. It’s like he’s on high alert for his little sister.
I’m proud that he shows her love whenever Josh and I show her affection. He exclaims, “Me too! Me too!”
And he’s protective of her too. If I do something Zion doesn’t like, he’s quick to tell me to stop because “she doesn’t like it!”
I am inspired by  the eyes he marvels her with.

Oh sweet protector of Zion, please never change.


Cheers to keeping a light heart!


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