Lenten season

I’m not sure how long it takes for something new to become a habit, but I’m taking advantage of the lenten season to improve my quality of life. I’m striving to make what I consciously practice these next forty days something I naturally do for a lifetime.

Before I go any further, for those who are reading and may not know what the lenten season is—in Catholicism, it is the time Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights praying and fasting in the desert. Lent is a time of reflection, penance, prayer, and fasting.
(That’s the vague and short explanation of it.)

Going back to the purpose of this post. I intend to improve my quality of life. What better time to do it than now, during early motherhood, with the help of a liturgical season? Alright, there’s really no best time as what is best is to simply learn improvement period, whether it be early on in our lives or towards the end. I think a human goal should be to at least get a glimpse of it in our lifetimes. Applying it to my life alone, early motherhood is perfect because I intend to model self-reflection and improvement for my children. I strive for my children to acquire these skills. Isn’t that the goal of parenting? To teach our children to be better humans than ourselves, in turn making us better humans as well? At least, that’s my goal.

I see myself going off on a tangent, so back to the post.

Every morning, I do a few stretches before beginning my day. Although I wish it were the first thing I did to start my day, Zion and Little Nugget require my full attention before I can give myself a few minutes of one-on-one attention. When I am finally able to open my arms to welcome the day, I make sure to release gratitude and good karma to the world. I close my stretch by setting my intentions for the day. My daily intentions are peace for myself, patience for Little Nugget, and gratitude for my husband. My intentions do not change, but I set them daily. Setting them daily is almost like a reset button. I want to make sure they stay at the forefront of my days. I want to make sure they become second nature.

I’ve noticed changes in these first six days and look forward to what I will accomplish in forty days.

I challenge you to find your source of improvement. Find what you love and use it to your advantage. I believe that anything can be a source of peace, we just need to put in some consciousness and will.

Cheers to improving the quality of our own lives!

Zion – 11 weeks.

Thank you for reading and following along this journey of mine. 
Expressing gratitude for the smallest things can help change the world. 



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