That time when…you find something stuck in your infant’s hair.

Zion is currently exclusively breastfed. One of her usual feedings is at around two in the morning. During this routine feeding, I do my best to enjoy the calm and dark setting of the night. There is nothing to distract my focus. All of my senses are concentrated on the way my baby feels in my arms. I find myself caressing her skin with my eyes closed, trying to indulge in her deliciousness. This has become somewhat of a ritual for me.

A few days ago, I was feeding Zion in the middle of the night—it was around two in the morning. I began with combing my fingers through her hair. I love doing this because her hair sweeps my hand with its softness and my palm feels the contour of her little head. However, this time there was something that brought my fingers to a halt. As my fingers travelled up her baby strands, I felt her hair bunched and hardened together. I imagined her looking like Alfalfa. I brought my nose in to smell her hair. It smelled sweet.

You know when you’re in a lull and something startles you awake? This is what happened to me. The awake feeling turned into quiet laughter. I started laughing because I knew that it had been either her big brother or one of her older cousins who had done this to her. They love caressing Zion’s soft head too.

Joy fills my heart knowing that my children will have close cousins to enjoy life with.

Her happiness is contagious. It’s hard not to love her. Zion – 13 weeks.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!


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