A halt in my plan of attack

My last post, My plan of attack is at play, was written a week ago (but posted today), so technically when I wrote, “These last two weeks, taking time off of my usual social media distractions (Facebook and Instagram) and focusing on enjoying every piece of motherhood,” means there has actually been three weeks that have gone by without social media. I’m veering, though. My time off social media isn’t meant to be the point of this post. I actually need to vent a bit as the missing week has been a mojo-killer.

As I mentioned in my last post, Little Nugget’s reality routine has been put into practice. Little Nugget has started going back to his usual childcare routine, and I’ve been scheduling ourselves as if I were already back at work— Zion goes down by 7 pm and Little Nugget by 8 pm. Little Nugget isn’t the difficult one. He already had a routine, but Zion? Well Zion, like any new human being, has a learning curve.

The last four days have been discombobulating. I, with the help of my mom, have been attempting to “train” Zion to take a bottle. How has it been? I will  just say that my daughter is one tough cookie! We are on day four…and counting. My inspiration has been put to the side as I focus on having patience for my struggling infant, and getting in the routine of washing bottles and breast pump parts—which I absolutely despise. (This is why I exclusively breastfed Zion this entire time, and now it’s come back to bite me in the butt.) Like I’ve stated before, there are no shortcuts in parenting. I should’ve seen this coming. Or should I have? I guess not. Who knows if Zion would’ve been such a boob girl if I would’ve introduced the bottle to her as a newborn. There are so many variations of the possible outcomes that I need to remind myself that if it wasn’t her hating the bottle, it might have been my breast. It is all relative. I must remember that this is obstacle number one of ___. God willing, I have a lifetime with her and will be given an abundance more of easy to difficult obstacles to overcome with her. I welcome them. I welcome this present-day obstacle.

Once again, writing has come through for me. I feel like my heart just took a dump and can move forward now. I hope Zion catches onto the relief and decides to take a bottle soon.


Cheers to welcoming the obstacles!

The struggles are worth it. Zion – 15 weeks.

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