My plan of attack is at play

I’ve started making the corresponding arrangements for Little Nugget’s reality routine. I call it reality because our time now is not how it really is. Like any celebration, planning is required, and although this isn’t a celebration, if I don’t plan, it could be a disaster or poor function. I chose to see my return to work as a celebration. (A euphemism? Totally.) A celebration that I am a mother who can and needs to financially contribute to her family.

These last two weeks, taking time off of my usual social media distractions (Facebook and Instagram) and focusing on enjoying every piece of motherhood with my two kids has helped me start shaping my return to work as a culminating moment. I choose to see the day I return to work as positively accepting my current life and working towards a more balanced one. I choose to positively work with the life I live now. Weekends will go back to being my family/adventure time. I remind myself that I will still be able to treasure and make memories with my children. I remind myself that I am not loosing this privilege, and this is what I need to focus on to be successful in moving forward and continue growing.

All play and no work is detrimental to my health. All work and no play is too. Balance. I’m in my next phase. I’ve thoroughly explored where I want and need to grow, and now I am taking action. My plan of attack is at play.

I am ready to demonstrate to Little Nugget and Zion what positive and intentional living is.

Cheers to choosing positivity!


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