28 starts like this

I have a good friend—now also a penpal—that I met in college. Neelia also happens to share the same birthday as me. I text her the day after our birthday wishing her a happy day to which she so wisely replied, “27 was pretty dang good to both of us (I feel), so I’m ready to conquer 28!” I could not agree with her more. I was nervous for 27, but it actually resulted to be an important year for my personal growth. I experienced a second (amazing) pregnancy, gave birth to the happiest little girl I have ever met, fell in love with my husband all over again, found ways to be Little Nugget’s teacher, became a certified childbirth educator, strengthened my relationship with my spirit, discovered the importance of intention, learned to live without fear, and the list continues with so many other important experiences that I cannot remember right now. I just know that it was a dang good year.

I welcome 28 with open arms. I can hardly believe that I’m closer to 30 than 21, and it blows my mind that I have two children because I still feel like I’m 22. If it wasn’t for my documentation of how I felt about my birthday last year, I wouldn’t understand why I felt so ambivalent. I think I might have been too hung up on growing older that I failed to think that I could growing wiser and happier too. This year, I am all about my new birth year and what it will contribute to my life. I am excited about being…alive!

Only four days into my new year and 28 has already treated me oh so good. Already, 28 has brought me new projects that are fueling my passion. Big Nugget has been under construction—and will continue to be—now it’s time to let her do her thing.

Cheers to another year!


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