“Practice Monday”

It’s 10:04 in the morning. I’m sitting in my car listening to “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd; it’s a special song, and it just became more special when it came on the radio as I embark on a new journey—my transition back into the workforce. It’s Monday, the day most people dislike (including myself), and as many reason as I have to dislike this one—it’s my last “free” one before going back to work—I feel so positive, so good, and in the right state of mind.

I’m grateful for the extra six weeks I got with Zion’s birth (in comparison to the time I got with Little Nugget). These last six weeks have brought me mental, emotional, and career growth that I did not expect or plan for. Intentional living has provided in ways I did not expect. My intention for these last weeks was to prepare for my return to real life. My intention was to enjoy time with my children. However, the previously mentioned needed a connection. They needed a balance. The connection came from utilizing this last week to get into the swing of things, for me and the rest of my little family. What did “getting into the swing of things” mean? This meant me waking up for the day as close to 5:30 in the morning as possible, and having Josh take Little Nugget and Zion to the babysitter’s as if I was at work. This would have been a disturbing thought a month ago, or even two weeks ago, but as my last days on maternity leave come to a close, I know these things needed to happen.

On this “Practice Monday” (as I chose to call it), Zion went to the babysitter with her big brother. It was the first time being away from her for more than two hours. I will go 9+ hours without seeing her (in case you’re wondering, she hasn’t taken a bottle yet), this is longer than when I return to work. I did feel a sharp tug at my heart as Josh drove away with both of our children this morning, but knowing that I’ll be pursuing my career goals and nurturing my passion makes me excited and less sad about not seeing my nuggets for most of the day. I’m focusing on continuing to grow myself along with my children, and having this as the intention while being away from them makes me feel more at ease.

So what did I do while my nuggets were being cared for by someone else? I spent my Monday visiting birth centers and chatting with midwives. This was the kick starter of a special project that you will see unfolding on my blog soon.

As I drove to meet with the first midwife, Robyn at PUSH Midwifery, I dialed through radio stations to find something to keep me company on my commute. I stopped on a station that I rarely listen to because of the obnoxious “hip hop” music it plays. (Not my cup of tea.) It got my attention. The host was reciting some scripture, very unusual for this station. I thought maybe the station had changed because I had crossed county lines, but shortly after the host’s last line, one of those obnoxious “hip hop” songs came on. She closed her piece with, “You’re so close to your breakthrough.” I was stunned. The universe really knows how to present good things when you’re on track to fulfilling goals. Well, I didn’t know I was on track, but this confirmed it. I continued driving with a silly smile plastered across my face. All I could think after that was, “This is my time! I’m so pumped!”

I start my day job in less than a week. I will be 19 weeks postpartum with my second child. My real life is changing right before my eyes, and although everything that’s happening may mean less time with my children, it brings my life joy and meaning. Who knows, this may be the start of working towards more quality time with them. I’m equipping myself for the journeys set before me, and I’m ready to make a positive impact on this world. I feel stronger than ever for what is ahead. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

Cheers to intentional living!

A picture taken at the second birth center I visited this Monday, the Ventura Birth Center.


Ps. I wish every baby came with this much wisdom and growth.


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