“Real Monday”

I hear Zion starting to bustle in her crib. I wonder how much time I have before she calls out for me. I look at the time, it’s 5:05 am, ten minutes before my first alarm goes off and twenty-five minutes before I have to be up. My heavy eyes look towards the window to see that it’s still dark outside. Zion starts calling out for me. I get up and walk over to her crib where I lightly caress her back to let her know I’m there (she’s a tummy sleeper). I pick her up and hold her close to my chest…tightly. I hold the back of her head in my palm and lovingly press it against my aching heart. My heart aches not because I’m returning to work, but because nineteen weeks flew by. I walk over to my rocking chair where I begin to feed her. I look down and smile at the half-awake infant in my arms chugging away at my breast. She now fills my entire lap; this makes me think about the next nineteen weeks and how fast those will pass us by. It is here that I remind myself of what’s truly important—the fact that I got the time with her—and I refrain from thinking about how fast the future will become the past. In doing this, it brings the following Dr. Seuss quote to mind, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” (Yes! The universe knows what I need and when I need it.) I instantly designate this as my mantra for the day.

I was already going back to work feeling emotionally positive, but this was exactly what I needed to radiate that positivity. From the moment Dr. Seuss’ words sunk in, the train to Positive Patty Town rode faster and farther…

Every chapter is necessary to strengthen. 

Sometimes demolition is needed for construction.

The obstacles are needed to move towards growth. 

Here it was! Here was the culminating moment I wrote about in “My plan of attack is at play”. Acceptance, balance, and positivity. It was all coming to life, and the best part is, it was happening organically.

As the clock approached 6:30 am, I knew that I’d soon have to start making my way out the door. With Zion’s help in waking up earlier than needed, I was able to get a morning stretch in which reminded me to set my intentions for the day:

  • Gratitude for my employment.
  • Patience for my new routine.
  • Love for my family and friends who support me.

This “Real Monday” was smooth. There were no tears, only smiles. It worked out exactly how I’d want it to work out every day.

Cheers to being positive!

Side (reality) note: I did get a little sad inside when my day at work was coming to a close and I remembered that I would have to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on ““Real Monday”

  1. Congrats on your first day back to work! Glad it went smoothly for you and you were able to find the positive in your day! Sidenote: That hair on Zion…LOVE:)

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