Feeling tired < Feeling the little moments

In an effort to organize, prioritze, and commit more time to my career goals, I am reviving and providing closure to as many of the posts I have started as possible. I’ve tried doing this in the past, but having a passion for all sorts of things tends to derail me. I’m human, and that’s totally alright, so here I go again.

The following was written while Zion was three weeks earthside. Although this was almost 17 weeks ago, I still find it so fitting.

I sit on the bed cross-legged. Zion is laying in my lap; her little body awkwardly contoured emphasizing how new her body still is. She is in the in-between trance—the moment after breastfeeding and before falling asleep. She is definitely not fully awake. I stare at her half-opened eyes wandering side to side, up and down, and the smiles she throws out while she’s in this trance are priceless! I love these moments. However, at this point in time a headache reminds me of how tired I am. The pounding in my head makes me wish that these days full of routine would hurry up so I could catch up on my sleep (if there are such moments for parents). Then, as Zion cries out like a miniature damsel in distress, I am quickly brought back to reality, but not before momentarily flashing forward to Zion at an older age. My heart feels a sense of fear because of the escaping time. The reality is the days pass us by too soon, these and all days. I vow to accept them as they are, tiredness and all.

Cheers to the little moments!

My Zion Nugget – 3 weeks.

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