Find your village

During my maternity leave, I had the pleasure to attend a Birth Without Fear event. It was crazy how it happened.

I follow January Harshe on Instagram. I had seen her start announcing her meet-ups when Zion was about two weeks old. I continually thought it would be awesome to have the opportunity to attend one of these events, especially because lap-children and breastfeeding are allowed without judgement. I was so fresh off of the postpartum fog that I knew I needed something like this. I remember looking up the meet-up calendar and seeing that San Diego was the closest-to-me event happening. I almost bought the ticket to attend, but held off knowing that it would have been hectic trying to drive four hours (two there and two back) with an infant. Instead, I decided to go onto her page and request that she come out to Los Angeles (which could still mean two hours of driving). I thought it was a long shot, but figured it couldn’t hurt to try. About a month later, an updated event calendar was announced. Los Angeles had been added! AND the event was being held three minutes from my house!! AND it cost less to go to this event in my city than any of the other cities!!! It was totally meant to be. The universe knew what I needed and it provided.

The event turned out to be a great kickstart to an amazing bond between another mom and me. I crossed paths with a soul sister, and I couldn’t be anymore thankful. In nurturing this new relationship, I’ve come to confidently write the following:

Find moms who are on the same wavelength as you. Build your tribe. Curate your tribe. Don’t be afraid to leave out the individuals who bring negativity to your life as this thwarts the achievement of your intended purpose—to surround yourself with safe, supportive, and inspirational people. This will change motherhood for you. This will help remind you that you’re not crazy, that the reason you’re feeling guilty is actually not a reason to feel guilty at all. It’s simply a part of the journey you’re on. Communication between you and your tribe will enlighten you with knowing that many mothers before you and many mothers after you have and will continue to undergo the challenges that being a mother brings.

Cheers to finding your village!

She has conviction, grace, and an all-around beautiful aura. I am grateful to have met January Harshe. I am also thankful for the sacrifices she makes in order to bring comfort and understanding to mothers as well as fathers. Zion – 17 weeks.

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