Letter to my Z Nugg

Hi mamas,

You are five months old today! Happy five months of being earth-side. We celebrate together. It was five months ago that we danced the labor dance. Five months that we almost didn’t make it to your birthplace, PUSH Midwifery, because you decided to dance the routine faster than I thought we had practiced. It’s alright, though, because the dance was beautiful in its own way, a way I never could have imagined.

Today is April 20th. Today you awakened on your back. You’re a tummy sleeper, so that only means that you’ve figured out how to roll from your tummy to your back. And guess what? We were all there to congratulate you. Daddy, Ilan, and myself were all standing over your crib clapping, smiling, and enjoying this achievement of yours. I even flipped you back on your belly to see if you would do it again, but as with all new things, practice will make you stronger. We cheered you on, but all you did was lift yourself to give us a big ear-to-ear smile.

You are the happiest baby I’ve ever met. I never knew a baby could be as happy as you are until I met you. You’re movements are no longer as random as they were. Your neck, head, and back are already so strong. Your hair is still pretty out of control. You still remind me of a punk rocker, and I absolutely love it. You still growl like a little tiger cub. You still don’t want to take a bottle, and act as though my breastmilk is poison unless it’s coming straight from the source. All in all, you are the daughter I never knew I wanted so badly. Let me restate that. I never knew I wanted a daughter until I had you. You have brought me wisdom, love, patience, passion, and have helped light this strong fire underneath me that is driving me to a marvelous journey full of enlightenment, empowerment, and strength.

I am proud to be your mother, and as I stated in one of my first letters to you, “You are already so special to us, baby girl. You’re coming into a beautiful life.”

You are a beautiful life.

Momma loves you so much!


4 thoughts on “Letter to my Z Nugg

  1. Little Zion is such a happy little bundle! What a sweet girl. My little H will only take breastmilk from me, too! It’s driving me crazy – I have no idea what I’m going to do when I return to work. Eeep! Much love x

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