The Fifth Vital Sign

“Our mission is to use education as preventative care, encouraging individuals to make informed choices about their health. We strive to spread unbiased, free, reproductive health information so that we all feel more secure, safe, and alive in our bodies.” – The Fifth Vital Sign

Did you notice the change in frequency of my posts? Sadly, I finally got my systems up and running at work, so now I actually have to focus on my employment. (Simply being honest.) So, now that I must perform the tasks that I get paid to perform, I don’t have as much time to write, edit, and post, but believe that the inspiration, motivation, and fire is still living inside me—just as strong as three weeks ago. How am I keeping the motivation going you may ask? Well, let me tell you about these two wonderful gals that gave me a new sense of inspiration.

Last week, I attended a free class given by The Fifth Vital Sign. The Fifth Vital Sign is composed of two magical gals, Emily and Kelsey, who are traveling the country educating anyone and everyone who is willing to listen about female health—reproductive system, breast awareness, fertility awareness methods, hormonal birth control, and anything else that falls anywhere close to these topics. (And they are doing it for free!) Being one of a dozen plus women in this class made me feel empowered and not one bit ashamed as we spoke about things like cervical mucus, menstruation, a malpositioned uterus, tender breasts, and hormones. Had this been any other type of class, I might have, especially because it’s not something women speak about regularly. But why not? This is exactly what Emily and Kelsey are set out to do.

Removing stigmas and repossessing rightful ownership of our feminine bodies—and choices regarding them—is now important to me (and it blows my mind how it wasn’t before). I have Emily and Kelsey to thank for this. “Knowledge is power.” Oh, how true this cliché stands because, my goodness, do I feel empowered! (This has been a pattern for me lately, hasn’t it?) Hearing Emily and Kelsey speak, it didn’t take long to begin feeling more in control of my body and excited to take ownership of my reproductive health. I’ll be honest, my biggest motivator to do so…my Z Nugg, my daughter.

I’m still trying to process how many women of all ages do not know about their reproductive parts and how they function—including myself. I may know about childbirth, but what happens to my reproductive system before and after a baby? Clearly, there was and still is a huge teaching and learning gap when it comes to this topic. Being aware of this and having a daughter that will one day undergo major bodily changes—aka puberty—motivates me to learn more about female health. Educating myself to know how to mindfully take care of my body will help me be an example for my daughter. I want will be a resource for my daughter (and anyone else who wants to learn). I will make knowing my body normal.

Attending The Fifth Vital Sign’s class changed my life. Sounds drastic, but when your eyes have been opened to an aspect of your life that you were completely unaware of, it is life-changing. I discovered that a whole world of alternative birth control methods (non-hormonal) are waiting for my embrace. I still remember seeing my midwife six weeks postpartum and being asked what we were planning to do for birth control. All I could do was shrug my shoulders and stare at her blankly. My history with birth control is very limited. I used the NuvaRing for a couple of months in college out of curiosity (not necessity) and misconception that this was the “normal” thing to do. I decided to stop using it because it was more of a nuisance than an aid. Going back to my midwife’s question, I knew I didn’t want to use a pharmaceutical contraceptive, but I didn’t make a conscious effort to learn about any other method. Now, I know that there is nothing “normal” about taking unnecessary medication, and I am excited to learn about my options.

I am proud to be a part of this revolutionizing time, and I am blessed to have personally met this marvelous duo, The Fifth Vital Sign.

Cheers to impactful people!

The Fifth Vital Sign. I have so much love for these ladies! Kelsey (left) and Emily (right). To support them, click here.
I had to get a picture of their sweet ride.
Rockin’ my “Tell Me I’m Beautiful” shirt. And that little human on my hip, that’s my reminder of how important it is to keep growing.




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