Self-care and this new chapter

I’m on day three of this new chapter in my life I like to see as the “realization” chapter. I see it as this because this is the chapter where I have the opportunity to achieve what my heart desires and what my mind anticipates. Could I also call this being in my prime?

My days have began with a hike, well, with feeding my Z Nugg which means my day still starts at 5:30(ish)…most days. My nuggets’ routine hasn’t changed much except for picking them up earlier from their childcare arrangement, and being more flexible when it comes to unforeseen changes to this arrangement. With the nuggets being watched, and with me working from home making my own schedule, I have made it a goal for myself to start my day off in the mountains. I feed Zion, get ready, and make my way to the mountain up the street from our place—about a five minute drive. (Josh still takes the nuggets to their babysitter.) In choosing to quit my corporate job, my intention was to commit to furthering my career in childbirth, but building up to this new chapter, I realized their was another intention ready to be released into the universe—

I commit to giving me self-care time.

I’ve learned so much about self-care these last few months that I wanted to put into practice. Feeling the excitement about utilizing my passion and talents to work from home motivated me to want to take care of me, Big Nugget. I no longer feel guilty about wanting (and needing) to have time for myself, but this didn’t come without an internal battle. The first day I started my day with a hike, I felt as if people were going to judge my use of time. Then I realized that just because I left my corporate (stable-income) job doesn’t mean that I need to continue “killing” myself. The guilty and judgmental feelings were all in my head. The whole point of leaving my job to pursue my dreams was to make me feel happier, more accomplished, and more connected. After talking myself down from the negative, it was apparent that self-care is a vital ingredient to the recipe, and my heart, mind, and soul understood this, so finding myself in the mountains early in the morning at least three times a week became an important goal.

I have also realized that I’m not a stay-at-home mom. (And this is only three days into my “new” life?) I want more. I love my nuggets wholeheartedly, and I would give anything for them, and in addition to loving them, I’m starting to love myself. This leads me back to needing to give myself time. Just as I’m trying to give Little Nugget, Z Nugget, and Josh one-on-one time, I deserve time with myself too. These realizations are helping me organize my time with everything and everyone. Making my schedule now forces me to prioritize and motivate myself. The carrot at the end of a string? Self-care. (This used to be the last thing on my mind.) I’ll be honest, with only two days of hiking, I’m addicted to learning about myself. I’m addicted to hearing myself think about things away from the city noise. I’m addicted to meeting new people who are just as motivated (if not more) as me.

I’m hopeful for my journey. I’m confident in my success. My relationship with God—my spirituality—stands strong (and continues to be strengthened). I’m in a great place right now physically, emotionally, and mentally. I still can’t believe that I get to make contact with people in the same industry as I am on a daily basis. I get to communicate with people who speak the same language as I do, care for the same things that I do, and people creating respect within this circle. What a dream life!

Cheers to self-care!


A special thanks to Dawn Thompson from Improving Birth for being an example of what could happen when you work hard and care wholeheartedly for other people, when you care to improve your society using your passion.

A special thanks to YOU (yes you reading this) for keeping me motivated by sending me your positive energy through words, hugs, and thoughts/prayers. Remember, I believe in you. I’m cheering you on just as you’ve cheered me on. You can reach for dreams too! You just need to believe in yourself as well.


4 thoughts on “Self-care and this new chapter

    1. It’s so important and yet so difficult to do. I had a mini-stroke almost two years ago because of poor self-care, which caused a crazy amount of stress, and I still didn’t put a self-care routine into practice. 🙊

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