That time when… you’re reminded that you are your child’s role model.

The other night, I had already put Little Nugget to bed. It was one of those frustrating nights where it was argument after argument with Little Nugget. He was sent to bed early because he would not stop “fighting” us about everything, including bathing and brushing his teeth.

It had been about two hours after he was sent to bed, and he had woken up two times. After the second time, and after telling him that he needed to go to bed!, I thought I was in the clear. Most moms I follow on Instagram post pictures of themselves having a glass of wine after a frustrating day with their kids. Well, I pulled out a tub of ice cream (my kind of wine) and was just about to open it to serve myself a hefty portion—what I felt I deserved after that day’s frustrations—when I heard a little voice behind me. It was a Little Nugget. He startled me because I was not expecting him to come out yet again, and because I felt like I was caught doing something “bad”. He asked me in the most inquisitive voice, “Mom, what are you doing?” I replied with, “Oh. Hi!” trying to buy myself time to come up with an answer for him. “Eating veggies?” was the best I could do as I stood in front of the ice cream trying to hide it from him. And yes, I said it as a question because I knew it was a total lie. He looked confused as I twisted my neck to look at him, trying to keep the ice cream hidden with my body. His response to my lie, “With ice cream?”

I could not hold back the laughter. (I laughed pretty hard.)

I laughed for a couple of reasons: because I actually thought I could outsmart my super sharp and observant son; and because I was disappointed that I had lied to my son when I could’ve used it as a learning experience for him.

I knew I had done something very wrong. I had lied to my child and he had caught me. I failed…no! Let me correct myself, I experienced a learning opportunity and it showed me that not all learning opportunities in parenthood are for children. Little Nugget reminded me that he is watching me and following my lead. Next time, I will choose to tell the truth as well as communicate to Little Nugget why it is that I can do/eat something when he can’t, which sounds better than lying to him.

This was definitely a lesson for me on how to nurture a relationship of open communication with my child, instead of a relationship made of concealment and lies.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

I took this picture shortly after I was caught lying. Little Nugget – 3 years.

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