That time when…you see “it” click for your child.

The other day, after showering Little Nugget, I was looking for a comb in my drawer and found the Ziploc bag of hair I kept from Little Nugget’s first hair cut. I took it out, and along with that bag, I accidentally pulled out his dried umbilical cord and Z Nugg’s belly button stump. His initial reaction to these items was apprehension, and although I told him that they were something completely natural and very special, he still pleaded me to put them away. I then went on to explain what they once did hoping to help him focus on something other than the cord and stump’s aesthetics. I explained that his umbilical cord once connected us in a unique place. I explained that this was a unique place because only he and his sister had been there, and it had allowed him to listen to my heart from the inside.

LN: “When I was in your belly?”

Me: “Yes papa. When you were in my uterus. When you were in my belly.”

LN: “Oh! Like when daddy carried a baby in his woowooterus?”

Me: “No. Daddy can’t carry a baby the way I did because he doesn’t have a uterus, but you know who does have a uterus?”

LN: “Tia Nina! Because she has a baby in HER woowooterus!!” 
(My cousin, his Godmother, is pregnant.)

My mind was blown.

All I can say is, how often do we give children the opportunity to show us the true extent of their potential? Not because he is my Nugget or anything, but dang! I am one proud mama!

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

I can see why Little Nugget wanted me to put them away. It looks like a piece of bacon and large-sized booger, but they represent pivotal moments in my life.

3 thoughts on “That time when…you see “it” click for your child.

  1. I love this! I saved my son’s umbilical cord and dried it in the shape of a heart. It freaks people out because they don’t understand why I would save such a thing….but you get it!

    1. I totally get it! 😉 I’m thinking of getting them infused into some jewelry, but I’m nervous because what if I lose the jewelry. Lol. Do you know what I mean? It’s the last tangible bit of my babies infancy. Agh! So many emotions in motherhood! 😄

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