Who is Gena Kirby?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve probably caught onto the fact that I realize something new every time I write. This post isn’t any different. I’ve realized that I like sharing the good word—or the good people that speak this good word—because I believe in everyone having something helpful to share. Gena Kirby is no different. I’ve also realized that I like highlighting the underdog, and this isn’t to say that Gena is an underdog, but if/when anyone tries to bring positive change to the world and they experience any type of push back, I think they can be considered an underdog. (This is a good thing in my head, and I’ll have to write another post to explain why.)

Before (actually) beginning this post, I want to address why I didn’t explain who Gena Kirby is in my last post. I did it on purpose. I was going to, but after giving it some thought, l decided against it. Describing this incredible human being deserves its own post. The question was, how was I going to give you my thoughts on Gena without rambling on and on (because you know I can). How was I going to stay on topic and not sound like I’m trying to kiss butt? (Brown-noser alert! Ha! Just kidding!) After giving it some thought, I decided to keep it simple and go with an acrostic poem(ish) description.

Another thing I need to put out there—this post is important to me. Ok, well, all my posts are important to me as they come from a heartfelt place. This one, specifically, comes from a place of gratitude and relief. Gratitude because I have learned invaluable techniques that will elevate and improve my relationship with each one of my family members (and even friends), and relief because I’ve been offered more options on how to approach negative situations with people in my life.

So now, the big question. Who is Gena Kirby (to me)?

Genuine. The heart on this lady! She wears it on her sleeve and she is not shy to let you see it. She cares about people—basic human rights—and she loves what she does. One of my favorite parts of getting to meet her in person was f e e l i n g the strength in her voice, heart, and experience.

Educator. Her knowledge! She knows so much…about parenting, childbirth, El Rebozo, feminism, and a million other things I’m sure. She’s read great books, she’s interviewed great people—and professionals in their respective careers—and she’s experienced empowering people speak. She’s taken it all in, absorbed it, learned it, lived it, and is on the move to educate and empower others. She is for the people. (Gena for President(a)!)

Native. This may sound like an odd adjective to use for someone, so let me explain why I chose this word. Gena teaches life-changing techniques using a rebozo. Some of you may be asking, “What is a rebozo?” Instead of trying to describe it to you, I recommend watching this video and getting a feel for it. (If you don’t want to watch it all, at least watch starting at 2:34.) Gena not only teaches people how to use the rebozo in such a divine way, but also gives the history of it, and this is so important to me given that it is part of my culture.

Animated. One of my favorite aspects of Gena’s character is her humor. She is hysterical, and she curses a lot. The only reason I mention the cursing is because it’s a part of who she is. If you’re not cool with bad words, it’s cool, you’ll still like her. I mention this because I can’t even say s*upid without stumbling over the word. But back to her humor. She teaches with it, and this makes learning what she teaches easy to understand. Innuendos. Jokes. Story-telling. Impersonations. It all makes her fun and personable, which leads me to the next adjective…

Keeper. After spending two days with Gena, I want her as my friend f o r e v e r. I went from fangirl to claiming she’s my best friend in two days (ok, I was claiming this after the first day, but you get the point). She is a wealth of knowledge, emotion, and empowerment. Who doesn’t want someone with so much to give in their life?

Inspiring. This woman emits passion! When she teaches, you feel like you are a part of the story she is telling. You feel with her. You may—more than likely—even cry with her. She has this gift where she can light a fire in you and send you on your merry way wanting to do something to positively impact your life and your community.

Revolutionizing. She is radically changing the way birth workers and parents—and other people that don’t necessarily fall into these two groups—do things.

Believer. It’s easy to become jaded when you’re surrounded by bitter tales of misuse of authority, but Gena has managed to keep her head strong and heart in the game in order to continue fighting for what she believes in.

Yoda. A wise mentor she is. This one is a play on the appreciation Gena and I share for Star Wars, and because she truly is a fantastic mentor to peers, parents, and Princess Leia…if they were a part of the same universe.

Cheers to great people!


Gena and I on an elevator ride. You know, just for fun. Ok, I lie, it was to get to lunch.

And I almost forgot to mention that I started a Youtube channel a couple of weeks ago, and I recorded a chat with Gena. Check it out…if you’d like.


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