New moon circles

It’s been about four months since I committed to living a more intentional, positive, and conscious life. It was around the time I made this commitment that I heard about new moon circles. I felt a strong gravitational pull towards learning about them, and although the attraction felt natural, there was something keeping me from doing my research.

In mid-March, I attended a Birth Without Fear meet-up, “Find Your Village”, and wrote about it. At the end of this post I wrote:

“Find moms who are on the same wavelength as you. Build your tribe. Curate your tribe. Don’t be afraid to leave out the individuals who bring negativity to your life as this thwarts the achievement of your intended purpose—to surround yourself with safe, supportive, and inspirational people. This will change motherhood for you. This will help remind you that you’re not crazy, that the reason you’re feeling guilty is actually not a reason to feel guilty at all. It’s simply a part of the journey you’re on. Communication between you and your tribe will enlighten you with knowing that many mothers before you and many mothers after you have and will continue to undergo the challenges that being a mother brings.”

Holy mama jama! When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be! Committing to my new lifestyle, I unknowingly also began to attract better people, better for me. At this event, I crossed paths with a soul sister who began (and continues) educating, guiding, and inspiring me on this path to self-actualization, and wait for it…shortly after meeting Danielle, I learned that she hosts her own monthly new moon circle! I understood the connection then, but as I write and reflect on how things happened (and are happening) in my life, my mind is blown. In reading the above quoted piece from my post, I can clearly see that I was setting out my needs to the universe. I was pleasantly surprised that what I had written almost two months ago, I now have. I’m building my tribe, and it’s tangible, no longer only an idea. I have a group of women that provide a “safe, supportive, and inspirational” space for me. Of course, I still have “individuals who bring negativity to [my] life”, but I am conscious about it now and am able to remove myself—most of the time—from these toxic situations/relationships. I guess you can say, my skin has grown a little bit thicker my heart has grown a little bit stronger. My heart loves me now. I love me now.

What jumpstarted all of this was the new moon circles that were calling me months ago. I attended my second new moon circle yesterday. Being surrounded by like-minded women—of all walks of life—who are looking for the same growth as me helps provide the space I was in search of. I am blessed to have a sacred space where I can delve deeper into living a better, happier, and healthier life.

Having the ability to step outside of my life’s box through my writing, I can see that having and keeping an open heart to change is the start of inviting change. In addition, your heart and mind have to be in the right place. They have to be aligned. They have to be able to speak to each other with nothing to block their communication. It’s not easy to learn, but if you want it, open your heart, drop your expectations, and lead with love for yourself*.

Cheers to new findings!


*The self-love I write about is humble and genuine love, not ego-driven love. Don’t get it twisted.

In case you’re curious to learn what a new moon circle is, check out MYSTICMAMMA.COM.


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