Placenta earrings

Accessories, makeup, jewelry, let’s just say fashion in general, have never been something that I’ve been “good” at. Fashion has never been a strength of mine especially with my tendency to be match-matchy. A big part of the reason why (I think) is because growing up, my role models—my mother and sister—never or rarely used makeup, and were simple when it came to dressing up—this isn’t to downplay their natural beauty. The primary women in my life have always radiated beauty by simply being themselves. They prefer to work hard over worrying about their lipstick. They pull back their hair not worrying about what it looks like, and have never hesitated to get their hands dirty. This is what I learned. Now, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m in no way dissing the women (or people) who love to wear makeup or dress up on a daily basis.

Where am I going with this post? Well, this post is actually overdue. I meant to post this in April, but like with any hardworking adult, life just happened and it kept getting pushed back in my long queue of posts. This post is to document the stunning set of earrings my better half bought me for Mother’s Day.

I was introduced to the idea of placentas being made into jewelry in February of 2015. A doula I met in a childbirth class I observed shared this novelty idea with me. I was intrigued especially because I still had half of a jar of placenta pills from Little Nugget’s birth in my freezer. I loved the idea of having Little Nugget’s placenta preserved in a piece of jewelry I could wear every day, but I never did my research. (Sound familiar?)

At the time I found out about keepsake jewelry, I was also unknowingly cooking up another nugget in my woowooterus. Fast forward to January of 2016, almost a year later, I discovered Sacred Legacy Arts on Instagram and fell in love with the pieces that I saw. I mentioned it to Josh, and as with everything, he questioned me, “Well, if you want it, why don’t you buy it?” Well, because I’m me and I rarely buy anything for myself. Lame excuse, I know. However, I did navigate the Sacred Legacy Arts website and window shopped a little…and fell in love with the sterling silver post earrings. Josh caught wind of this, ok, I told him about how I had seen a pair of earrings that I would actually wear (I don’t even wear my engagement/wedding ring…so bad, I know!) and how they could be filled with our nuggets’ placenta powder. By this time, we had Z Nugg and I had had her placenta encapsulated as well.

Knowing that I wouldn’t buy them for myself, Josh jumped on it and told me to order them as my Mother’s Day present on behalf of him. I didn’t think twice. I placed the order and mailed my nuggets’ placenta powder to Kelly, owner of Sacred Legacy Arts. I was given an eight to ten week turnaround time, so I patiently waited for my earrings knowing that I’d receive them in time for Mother’s Day.

One day in March, on my way to pick up my nuggets, I checked my mail and noticed I had received a package. It was an unexpected surprise from Sacred Legacy Arts. I was ecstatic! As much as I wanted to rip the parcel open, I didn’t. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, not because the package was two months early, but because the package contained something extremely special to my heart and I wanted the people that made up my life to open it with me.

In doing a search in my sent emails, I found the email I sent to Kelly on March 10th, the day before my birthday…

Holy mamajama! Kelly, you are a total blessing! My earrings are a blessing! I didn’t expect my earrings to arrive so soon (my husband purchased them for me as a Mother’s Day present). I went wild when I saw the email come through that a tracking number had been created. I received them yesterday and waited to open them with my husband and two kids. It was so important for me to open it with my entire little family. They couldn’t have come at a better time. Friday is my birthday and I’m on my last few weeks of maternity leave. I tried on my BEAUTIFUL earrings only to see how amazing they look on me (they truly do), but I plan to officially start wearing them the day I return to work. I know they will provide me comfort as I tear away from my stay-at-home mom fantasy and return to the reality of my full-time working mother role. 

Thank you for your beautiful work. 


I need to correct one piece of information from my email above. I started wearing my earrings right away. I was going to try and deprive myself of wearing the stunning heirloom jewelry I had just received, but gave in. I figured it was my birthday anyways, and I could do whatever I wanted.

These earrings are extremely special to me. Each earring has a piece of the two placentas that nourished my children. I love that I can now wear the story of my children’s birth. I wear them with pride. I hope to be careful with them so that they last me long enough to pass them onto my Z Nugg, if she decides to pierce her ears one day.

I can’t wait to place my next order!

Cheers to good finds!


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