Real Talk with the Mamas

I feel the shift in the style, the energy, the perspective that I allow to enter and leave my life. I feel the shift in love for myself. I have proven to myself that I am in a good enough place mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically that I can lead. Lead what? Well, it isn’t entirely clear yet, but there have been invitations, mentoring, and ideas that have crossed my path recently that make it clear that I am on the correct path. I’ve shared with you the New Moon Circles that I have become a part of, and today I am excited to share an invitation that came to me from a fellow bad ass momma my midwife connected me with. Raffaella, blogger for Talking Baby Bumps, and I connected and met up a few weeks ago. Like any potential new friendships, you feel out the person. You make some small talk that leads into questions that then leads to either “This person’s cool. I’m totally down to be their friend.” or “It was nice to meet you. Peace.” Needless to say, we clicked. To get to the point, Raffaella invited me to host a “mom group”—not your typical mom group—with her at our midwife’s birth center. She planned it, and I showed up to help. According to Facebook, we were expecting four attendees, three of them being Robyn, our midwife, and us two, the hosts. Well, guess what? We were one short from being a dozen! It was such a beautiful feeling to know that what we were doing was not in vain, and it affirmed the fact of why we were doing this, what we were there for. We were there for other moms.

I wish I could give you details of how solidarity arises from these circles, but as I’m learning and implementing, these spaces are sacred. The conversations that were shared are not mine to tell, and I love this. My heart feels so much growth in respecting other people’s journeys. It’s not that I didn’t before, but it’s different now. I guess I can say, I’m maturing…without losing my spunk. Does this make sense? Anyways, whatever was spoken in the circle, does not come out. This is a beautiful thing. It’s almost like I’m becoming a part of different sororities, but better because the drama is left out. These spaces, I’m also learning, tend to attract likeminded people, and if the energy doesn’t resonate with them, they simply shed themselves of it.

If you are a mother in search of a village, or simply in search of a safe space to be, to talk, to listen, please reach out to other women and form your own circle. If you’re in the Southern California area, consider joining our “Real Talk with the Mamas” circle which we are scheduling once a month. (Please contact me if you want details or if you have any questions.)

Cheers to creating tangible villages!

It was such a pleasant surprise to have a full house at our first circle. Looking forward to next month’s gathering!
I was ecstatic to see a dear friend of mine–that I met through work–at our first Real Talk with the Mamas circle.

3 thoughts on “Real Talk with the Mamas

    1. Thank you so much kick ass mama! I’m really starting to love what I’m doing. I feel like I’m right where I was meant to be, challenges and all. Who knows, I may just be able to put circles on at a national level one day. I trust I will meet so many more mamas in need of this positive energy. 😊 I’m hoping you’re one of them I get to meet. (Not to say you’re in NEED of the energy, just hope to meet you one day.)

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