That time when…you experience your child’s ability to remember.

Little Nugget’s ability to remember is astonishing, he tends to throw it at me when I least expect it. I don’t know if it amazes me because I’m a proud mom naive to the fact that all toddlers are like this, or if it’s because he really does absorb and remember information at a higher rate than most children his age. What I do know is that Josh and I try to find a balance—a way to encourage Little Nugget to continue being himself without inflating his head so much that he forgets the importance of humility.

Anyways, the other morning, I was helping Josh load our nuggets in the car when Little Nugget asked me, “Are you going to the mountain this morning, mom?” The question caught me off guard. He pays attention to what I do? Where I go? My initial thought after processing his question was, he’s going to complain about wanting to come with me. Taking the risk of him complaining, I replied, “Yes papa. I am.”

Let me take a quick pause to reflect here. It did cross my mind—after thinking of him potentially whining—to lie to him and say that I was going to stay home, but I remembered about my role in his life and how lying to him could does affect his developmental and social skills. So, I put on my big girl mom panties and decided to go with the truth, still knowing that the potential of him whining existed. (I know this opens up a conversation of why being honest was even a question, but I’ll leave that for another post.)

After confirming my soon-to-be-whereabouts, Little Nugget replied, “Well, you have to throw rocks and bring me rocks, too.”

(Boy was I happy I didn’t lie, and yes, I felt guilty for assuming he would be a poop head and whine.)

Me: “Oh ok. How many rocks?”

LN: “Thirteen!” 

Me: “Oh, my! Thirteen rocks to carry in my backpack? How about I bring you five?”

LN: “No no! That’s too many!”

Me: “How about four then?”

LN: “Yes mom!”

His sharp memory remembered that we go to the mountains to throw rocks even though it’s been months since we’ve gone. His sharp memory remembered that I go to the mountains in the morning even though I don’t tell him daily that I’m going. On the other hand, my dull memory did not remember to get him rocks!

Again, Little Nugget has schooled me on the importance of telling the truth, and never underestimating a child’s—in this case mental—capabilities.

Children are the funniest little teachers.

Cheers to keeping a light heart!

The first thing Little Nugget asked me when I picked him up from my mom’s house was, “Mom, did you bring me my rocks?” Good thing Josh had bought bags of rocks for his bonsais! He saved me from Little Nugget’s disappointment.

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