The great man in my life

Facebook reminded me a couple days ago—because Father’s Day fell on a different day two years ago—that I had posted the following in honor of my better half, aka the father of my nuggets. I wanted to reblog it because the images I posted two years ago are a tangible reminder of my appreciation for the man I chose to conceive children with, and because there is a new set of pictures to post…

Happy Father’s Day to my better half!

And once again, Cheers to all the great men who are or act as fathers!

The Nugget Life

Every son needs a father, and I am so proud of the man I have chosen to father my child.

I could type up a thousand words describing the love, respect, and admiration I have for my better half, but I’ll lay off of the wordiness today and just show you a piece of what I share with him. Our parenting journey. Our life together.

I am so honored to be the one to document the special moments between Little Nugget and his awesome dad. I look forward to filling up many more external hard drives with the pictures that flash me back to the beginning of our days together.

DCIM100GOPROThis is a really intimate picture, but I wanted to share it because of how special it is. It’s one of the first pictures taken after Little Nugget was born. Josh was by my side throughout my entire labor.

IMAG0465Josh went…

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