The full moon

I am grateful that Josh stayed home with the nuggets Monday night. As soon as Z Nugg decided to give in and go to sleep, I ran up the street to our local trails to shoot the moon. It’s the second time I photograph the full moon, but Monday night felt like the first time. Let me explain. I am in a relatively new place in life. My spirituality has grown—it’s safe to say—tenfold since the last time I went up to admire the full moon through my lens. The full moon is more than just a sight to my eyes, it is now a source of energy to my spirit.

I ran up the mountain as the moon was rising. I was behind schedule. Z Nugg must’ve nursed five times before she let me leave. (Not complaining just stating.) My original plan was to get the moon while the sun was setting, but as always, “plans” are just ideas I have for a particular event or situation. Like my being, plans are ever changing. I found myself a little frustrated. It felt like sexual tension, and I just needed to “get some” soon. The moon was calling and I needed to go! When I finally got up the mountain and set up, I found myself behind my camera, eyes closed, breathing deep, and calling the energy to me. It flowed. In. Out.













…these aren’t just words that I’ve chosen to include in my post. These are the things that I called to my spirit before and during my session with the moon. (My photography session. My sexual tension analogy was just an analogy.) I opened my heart and did my best to align myself. In aligning myself with the Moon and Mother Gaia, I called the above, and I absorbed what was given to me. I felt radiant.

Coming home, I had some time to shower before Z Nugg woke up again. (Yes, neither of my children sleep/slept through the night as infants.) Z Nugg called for me, and as I picked her up, I felt my very own piece of Mother Gaia in my arms. It was one of the most heavenly feelings I’ve ever felt. I had all of this energy bouncing in me. I had my child in my arms ready to latch to my bosom. As Z latched, bringing down my milk, I felt myself transmitting energy to her. Our hearts were connected almost as they were when she was in my womb.

I don’t think that I’ve ever felt this confident in my role as a mother. I know I am a source of my nuggets’ success. I choose to continue growing my spirit. I choose to genuinely love myself. I choose to provide my nuggets with the necessary tools to go into the world feeling confident to live without fear. Unlike before, I’m choosing to do this for myself, not only for my nuggets.

I invite you to do the same.

Cheers to finding positive energy!


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