Advice to my younger self #1

I was inspired by Unorganized Chaos, a fellow blogger who I follow, back when she wrote a letter to her teenage self. I loved the idea of having something my younger self could gain wisdom from—if that were possible—but never put the inspiration to work. (It wasn’t its time.) While doing some dishes the other night, my lightbulb turned on; I could write letters of wisdom, things I’ve learned and am learning, to myself for my children. My intention in doing this is to have something proving I was young once, too. As my way of thinking evolves with my age, I don’t want to forget what I once thought when I was younger. I also think documenting my life lessons and epiphanies is a good way to stay grounded and humble. Growing older doesn’t necessarily mean growing wiser. My advice will help me relate to my children when I’ve forgotten what it was like to be their age.

  1. Don’t try too hard to impress
    Be yourself and those who are worth your time will accept and love you for who you are; they won’t try to change you, but they will help you grow. Relationships worth your time—in this short time we have—are the relationships where there is reciprocation of time and gratitude. One disclaimer, these relationships won’t be—and aren’t supposed to be—the easiest relationships you will be in.
  2. Use your time wisely
    This applies to every aspect of your life. Every. Aspect. Use your time to relax and reflect as much as you work and give. This will help you naturally work on learning your balance, which will change day by day, so don’t try to get it perfect. It will never be perfect, and that’s alright. That’s actually the nature of the species we were created as.
  3. Enjoy your sleep
    If there is anything you are doing right during your youth, it is sleeping. You will never sleep as peacefully as you did before those marvelous Nuggets. Sleep in whenever you can.
  4. Don’t be lazy
    This goes hand in hand with number 3. Notice how I ended number 3 with “whenever you can.” This doesn’t mean every day. I know you like to sleep in—it’s alright to do that a couple of times a week, like on the weekends—but during the week, try your best to get your day started as early as possible. Get work in. Cross items off of your to-do list. Be productive!
  5. Dance whenever you can
    I know that you’ve always loved dancing. Whenever and wherever. With music and without music. I want to support you in this because one day your dancing will inspire others. Use dance as a natural therapy. Never forget to dance like no one is watching. One day your Nuggets will learn to do the same, and it will be a part of their positive living.

Cheers to us! We’re doing great!

My sixteen-year-old self.



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